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Organic Cotton Bed Sheet (Navy)
Organic Cotton Bed Sheet (Navy)

Organic Cotton Bed Sheet (Navy)

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The ultimate in softness and plushness, the Navy bedding sheet set lends your room some much needed spunk. Woven in lustrous Sateen, it is supple on the skin, thereby delivery you the sleep of a lifetime. Truly the best bed sheets online.


  • Luxurious Sateen weave with a soft, pearlescent sheen in 300 Thread Count designed for next-to-skin comfort and breathability
  • GOTS certified organic cotton  
  • Gets softer with each wash. Bed Sheets with high tear strength and long life.
  • Generously sized for a perfect post-wash fit
  • Wash using cool water with a mild, liquid detergent. Dark colours bleed minimally in the first wash. Avoid using hot water that breaks down fibers. 
  • Avoid softeners. Use only non-chlorine bleach, if needed. Tumble-dry low and remove promptly.


Queen Size Bed Sheet: 90 x 104 inch + 2 pillow covers 18 x 28 inch

King Size Bed Sheet: 108" x 108" + 2 pillow covers: 18 x 28 inch

Products will be shipped within 48-72 working hours of placing the order.


Ask a Question
  • You've mentioned a thread count of 300. Will this be comparable to 600 TC that I have been buying?

    Great Question. One of the biggest myths associated with buying bed sheets is that of thread counts. 

    In order to further explain this, let us go deeper into what thread counts are. Simply put, thread count is measured by counting the number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric or one square centimeter, including both the length (warp) and width (weft) threads.

    Thread Count is NOT an indication of the quality of the fabric. On the contrary, PLY is. Ply refers to the the number of yarns twisted together to make a thread. The strongest and finest threads are made of Single-Ply yarn. Two-ply and three-ply threads are often used by brands to inflate the count. This can be explained with a graphic

    To draw an analogy, consider a single strand of hair vs that with split-ends. Naturally, the single-strand is stronger and finer where as the one with ends may be double the number but is actually weaker. Same for thread counts. 

    Amouve uses only single-ply threads which are longer, smoother and last several years without pilling. 600 and 1000 tc sheets are often a hoax, made together by multiplying shorter threads which ultimately give away or feel much coarser than single-ply 300 tc threads.

    Hope this helps. :)

  • The dyes etc used to give coloring to the bedsheet, are they organic as well? Have there been any testing to ensure they don't release any VOCs (off gassing)

    Hi Ankur!

    Yes, these are azo-free certified dyes, which means they are free of any heavy metals. These are GOTS certified, where off-gassing, formaldehyde and azo all have been tested for. 


  • I usually buy 100% cotton bed sheets. Can you tell me how different organic cotton is from normal cotton?

    Hi. That is a great question. Here's a low down on how it is different:

    1. 100% cotton says nothing about the quality, thread count, and most importantly the chemicals that go into making the bed sheet set. What most people don't realise is that simply saying 100% cotton doesn't make the fabric natural. Unfortunately brands available in retail today give no further information.

    2. Organic cotton (certified) means that the fabric has not undergone production with harmful chemicals. So right from the farm where the organic cotton seed (Non-GMO) is used to the factory where there are no artificial softners or formaldehyde(the chemical also a potential carcinogen that makes your sheets anti-wrinkle) used to give finishes to the bed sheets, Organic cotton serves your skin and body well. You are rest assured that you won't be breathing in toxin vapours that internally cause the likes of asthma. 

    3. Also on a very sleep-focused level, Amouve's organic cotton bed sheets feel really soft. We take our product quality seriously thereby giving only the best. 

    4. Just to add some more perspective, the number of farmers growing organic cotton is very miniscule, meaning there needs to be more incentive for them to keep growing organic cotton. In order to encourage them, Amouve provides them a premium for their cotton that is priced at 25-30% above the minimum support price. This way we ensure that they are paid a fair price premium that continues to provide them a good living.

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