Face Towels


      Fluffy-soft to the skin, without the usual toxins found in towels. 

      Amouve's 100% organic cotton face towels are woven in a low-twist yarn, giving them increased pile height. The proprietary weave they are made from makes them the finest towels online. 

      With organic cotton sourced directly from farmers, these washcloths or face towels undergo the finest craftsmanship to make them heirloom quality. 

      What's more they're kind to your planet and the skin. Too often people complain about breakouts on their face mot knowing that one of the first reasons for acne is a face towel that uses toxins, formaldehyde or bleach. 

      Whether you use it at your gym, for your baby as a washcloth, for your spa or even as a napkin that you carry while you travel, these face towels online from Amouve assure you of being kind to your skin. 

      • Face Towel Size: 13 x 13 inch
      • 100% Organic Cotton
      • Increased fluffiness
      • No harmful chemicals
      • Great for skin
      • Face Towel Set Of 3 
      • Uses 40% less water than normal cotton towels
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