Bath Towel - White
Bath Towel - White
Bath Towel - White
Bath Towel - White

Bath Towel - White

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No Volatile, Organic Compounds
100% Plant Based
Luxurious & Comfortable
Temperature Regulating
Orthopedic & Firm
No Heat Or Sweat

Bathing Towels in 100% Organic Cotton that spell softness and luxury like no other. 


  • Bath Towel Size: 30" x 58" inch
  • Big size towel, large size towel
  • 700 GSM
  • 100% GOTS-certified organic and Fair Trade cotton bath towels with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes
  • Super-high absorbency and durability
  • Extremely soft towels, second to the skin
  • Terry white bath towel
  • Bathing towel for women and men
  • Dense and velvety-soft
  • Multipurpose: Can be used as bathroom towels, adult towels, spa towels, gym towels or travel towels
  • Couple towel sets and bath sheet also available
  • Baby bath towels and kids towels available on request


  • Material

  • The finest material for towels is Organic Cotton simply because it has all that you look for in a towel. Amouve's extra-long staple organic cotton comes directly from farms. It is then woven into sumptuously soft bath linen that is absorbent, anti-pill, multi-purpose and can be used for a long time to come.   

  • Absorbency

    The ultimate luxury bath towel online is second to the skin. Amouve's luxury bath towels are thicker and dense and are highly absorbent. Woven with a proprietary low-twist yarn, Amouve's bath towels are way more absorbent than Egyptian cotton towels, Bamboo towels and Turkish towels. 

    The extra-long 100% organic cotton used in these towels make them resistant to pilling and remind one of a true spa experience at home. Suitable as towels for both men and women.



    Ever noticed the difference between towels bought in store and the same towels after a few washes? 

    Truth is most manufacturers coat towels with a fabric softening finish which gives extra-softness to the towel but wears off in two washes. 

    Amouve's 100% organic cotton bath towels only use the goodness of soft cotton without any harmful additives, dyes or pesticides, making them super-soft, wash after wash. 

  • Durability

  • Single-ply towels like those of Amouve are stronger than multi-ply. Amouve's Organic Cotton bathing towels are the most absorbent and durable too, making it the best bathing towel brand in India. Conventional cotton bath towels tend to pill after several usages and turn thin. Organic cotton bath towels on the other hand with a high gsm count (gms per square meter indicates the density of the towel),tend to absorb water well and are anti-pill, feel like a plush warm wrap and last through time.

Wash Care:

Tumble-dry low. Do not bleach. Wash separately. 

Products will be shipped within 48-72 working hours of placing the order.

325 days

of drinking water saved

121 sq ft

of land farmed without pesticides

926 farmers

kept out of debt

262.3 days

of drinking water saved

20.8 km

of driving emissions avoided

  • Unwavering Quality

    100% organic cotton woven sustainably and ethically with utmost attention to detail.

  • Luxury feel

    Spa-at-home with the feel of a plush 5 star hotel

  • Superior Softness

    Made from super-soft extra-long staple fibres that fluff up with a proprietary tumbling process.

  • Chemical-Free

    Completely free from pesticides, toxic bleaches, formaldehyde and any health-debilitating, irritating chemicals.

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Ask a Question
  • How often should you wash bath towels?

    This is a great question and should be an eye opener for everyone.

    Research suggests that you should wash your towels after 3 usages. Do people wash their toels frequently enough? The answer is no. 

    Towels serve as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria because they contain water, a humid temperature, oxygen and a neutral body PH. Every time you wick away moisture from your body, the cellular debris from the skin deposits on the towel. This serves as food for bacteria, some of which may give rise to acne or infections. 

    Just wash it once after 3 uses and you're good to go. 

  • What is the best bath towel?

    The best bath towel is highly absorbent in an efficient manner. It is also one that is kind to your skin, without the use of any harsh chemicals. 

    Amouve's Organic Bath Towels are extra-karge, made of low-twist yarn to absorb water quickly, the one that performs its main function, which is to absorb moisture and dry quicker, in the most efficient manner. Buy the best bath towels India. Organic Cotton towels get softer after each wash, dry quickly and do not lint like other bath towels.

  • How to wear towel after a bath?

    Dry your body. After getting out of the shower, quickly dry yourself by rubbing the towel on the very wet areas of your body. These areas include but aren’t limited to your hair, torso, and arms .You want to be moderately dry before wrapping a towel around you, so you can actively do things and move around without tracking water all over the place. Select your towel. Use a bath towel large enough to completely cover and wrap around your body. A typical-sized towel should be appropriate for most individuals, but for larger individuals, you might want to consider using a larger towel or a beach towel. At Amouve we offer you a wide range of Bath towels to choose from.  

  • If soap and water makes the body clean then what makes the towel dirty after bath?

    Dead skin cells and bacteria form in wet cloth; they are the reason why your towel gets dirty. In order to remove such dead skin cells and bacteria, you rub your skin hardly, which is not good for you.  If there is actual dirt on your towels then you are not using the soap, water and sponge correctly. While it's true that after a shower you have eliminated most of the germs and dirt from your skin, the process of rubbing a bath towel against the body rubs off dead skin that sticks to the moist towel. Towels become an ideal nesting place for the mildew endemic to humid bathrooms.  

  • How is this cotton bath towel different from turkish towels?

    The Organic Cotton Bath Towel by Amouve is a terry towel that gives a super-soft, cuddly feel and most importantly are chemical-free. These are thick and make you feel warm instantly since they absorb the water extremely well. Turkish towels also known as Hammam or Fouta Towels are typically lightweight and said to be weaved from turkish cotton. What is intriguing however is that today the term 'tukish towels' is used frequently as a misnomer even if the cotton hasn't been produced in Turkey. As a consumer, always watch out for where your cotton comes from.

  • How to tie a towel after head bath?

    Wrap the towel snugly around your head. The middle of the towel should sit at the nape of your neck on your back hairline. Adjust the sides of your towel so that both sides have the same amount of fabric hanging on each side. Then bring together the two sides of the towel to the middle point at the front of your hairline, and hold the sides of the towel together firmly. Hold the sides of your towel around your hairline so that the towel applies pressure to your head but is not so tight that it squeezes your head. If your wrap is too tight, it may give you a headache. Tuck the towel behind your ears. Some people like to put the towel over their ears, but this makes it harder to hear.

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