Bath Towel - Navy
Bath Towel - Navy
Bath Towel - Navy
Bath Towel - Navy

Bath Towel - Navy

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100% Organic Cotton
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No Artificial Softeners
Plush, 700 GSM
Generously Sized

The ultimate luxury bath towel online that is second to the skin. Wrap yourself warm in these super absorbent, long-staple, organic cotton bath towels for a truly plush bath experience. Amouve's bath towel online feel better than turkish towels.

Conventional cotton bath towels tend to pill after several usages and turn thin. Organic cotton bath towels on the other hand with a high gsm count (gms per square meter indicates the density of the towel),tend to absorb water well and are anti-pill, feel like a plush warm wrap and last through time.


  • Size: 30*58 inch
  • 100% GOTS-certified organic and Fair Trade cotton bath towels with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes
  • Super-high absorbency and durability
  • Tender as a feather, second to the skin
  • Proprietary weave



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Why choose amouve?

Experience the difference: Unveiling the secrets behind amouve's exceptionally crafted mattresses

Trusted by Taj hotels

Revered and loved by the best in the world, Amouve finds itself at the helm of luxury and conscientiousness. With more than a dozen Taj hotels as its patrons, Amouve's 'More than luxury' ethic is a testimony to their loyalty. 

  • Unwavering Quality

    100% organic cotton woven sustainably and ethically with utmost attention to detail.

  • Luxury feel

    Spa-at-home with the feel of a plush 5 star hotel

  • Superior Softness

    Made from super-soft extra-long staple fibres that fluff up with a proprietary tumbling process.

  • Chemical-Free

    Completely free from pesticides, toxic bleaches, formaldehyde and any health-debilitating, irritating chemicals.

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Ask a Question
  • Which bath towels are the best?

    Should I opt for thin towels or thick towels? Should I opt for cotton towels, organic cotton towels, microfibre towels or bamboo towels? What GSM towel should I buy?

    These are some great questions. There is no right answer to it. However, here are things that should help make a choice.

    1. Do you need it for everyday use or when you travel?

    If the towel is to be used every day, go for a thick, dense one which absorbs water well. If you're on a holiday, opt for a thinner towel that is easier to carry in your luggage. 

    2. What material should you opt for?

    Truth is natural fabrics work the best. While microfibre towels may dry quickly, they're definitely not healthy for your skin considering they're made from synthetics. Within natural fabrics, opt for organic cotton to assure your towel is chemical-free and devoid of any subtances like formaldehyde and softening agents. 

    Bamboo towels have been a recent addition to the world of towels. However, Bamboo is mixed with synthetic rayon to make the towel, making it not-so-ideal. Your best bet here is organic cotton.

    3. What GSM should you buy?

    Single-ply yarns and Two-ply yarn towels are the best in terms of absorbency. Add to this a higher gsm and you have a good towel. Just like any dish is a combination of ingredients, so is a towel. A higher gsm in multi-ply threads won't mean a thing because the threads are short and brittle and woven into a single twisted yarn. Instead, single ply threads are longer and smoother and ensure your bath towel online does not lint. 

    These are the characteristics of a good luxury bath towel. 

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