Why you should choose an organic pillow

Why should you choose an organic pillow

When you spend about a third of your life sleeping, which pillow you’re laying your head on every night becomes important. Choose a pillow that is not synthetic, does not lead to off-gassing at the same time feels comfortable.
Hence you should know exactly what’s in your pillow.

Amouve's organic kapok pillow is an eco-friendly choice. Think that you're not compromising on comfort first and foremost. Secondly you're letting go off all toxicity. An environmentally friendly pillow that gives great sleep. 

Can I Wash My Kapok Pillow?

We don’t recommend putting your kapok pillow in the washer or dryer for two reasons.

1. It is possible that kapok fill could escape from the inner casings while being tossed around in the washer and/or dryer. This can lead to a mess.

2. It takes long to dry. Dampness increases the chance of mildew.

3. Hence we recommend washing the pillowcase.

It’s time to trade your old pillow for the plush softness of organic kapok pillow. Organic pillows in India are often polyfill pillows and termed as organic with some marketing gimmick like aloe vera coating. However genuine organic bed pillows don't use synthetics.

Sleep soundly with the finest natural pillow in India. 

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