Benefits of ilavam Panju mattress

Kapok  or Ilavam Panju mattresses are one of a kind, made from the finest premium quality cotton without a hint of polyester in it. Those with back problems, muscle aches, and fatigued stressful lives must invest in an organic Ilavam Panju mattress once in their lives. It is an absolute game changer.


Some of the best quality cotton used in Kapok mattresses are sourced from the plateaus of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. Amouve can customize the Ilavam Panju mattress in king bed size. Any customized mattress size can be availed.


For centuries, Kapok cotton fibres have been used to fill ilavam panju Mattress, organic Kapok pillows, bags, or even to be used as natural breast support for pregnant women. Nowadays, it is also used to make mats, coasters, bolsters, swings, and cushions.


Kapok trees give themselves fully to be used for various purposes. Its seeds, leaves, sap, and bark are used to make medicines for dysentry, asthma, fever at home. Canoes and paddles are made from its resistant, strong trunk, full of water-resistant Kapok fibres. No wonder Kapok is one of the most sought after plantations!


Filling in Kapok Mattresses


There are two types of filling in pillows and mattresses, poly filling and eco filling. Polyester micro fibres are sourced from petroleum and they leave adverse residues for the environment. The most harmful chemical in petroleum based products is ethylene glycol.


If we are exposed to harmful chemicals from up close, it could get absorbed into our bodies. Likewise, we could say that absorbing deadly chemicals that could cause immense harm to our kidneys and nervous system is not the best catalyst to facilitate beauty sleep.


Illavam Panju organic mattress is filled with naturally sourced Kapok fibres. The silk cotton, Ilavam Panju from NPOP farms are free from any harmful chemicals. They are soft to the skin and friendlier to the environment.

Benefits of organic Ilavam Panju Mattresses

  • Chemical free alternatives to ordinary ones

Since Kapok mattresses are made from natural Kapok fibres, their carbon footprint is low since the time of production. They do not need to be treated with chemicals to make them safe for human use. It is widely harvested and prepared to fill mattresses right away. The lack of added procedures makes its production simple and healthy.

  • Hypoallergenic

Kapok mattresses and organic Kapok pillows are bacteria resistant. They naturally repel mold, virus, bacteria, mildew to thrive in. It also repels moisture. It makes you feel cool and comfortable in bed during the most humid of summers.

  • Soft and easily adjustable

Kapok pillows and Kapok mattresses are the softest bedding imaginable. You may be a front, side, or back sleeper, but Kapok pillows would adjust their shape and give the same level of comfort to everyone. Your neck and spine would be properly aligned and it would save you from ill-timed body aches.

  • Strong and long lasting

Kapok fibres are very durable. Since they are sourced directly from nature, they are completely free from synthetic chemicals. If you put your ilavam panju mattress and organic Kapok pillows out in the sun every month, they would stay fresher.

  • Better for the planet

The entire globe is obsessed with making sustainable choices for the planet. It is the need of the hour given the drastic weather forecasts and sudden forest fires. Kapok mattresses are made with Kapok sourced directly from the fields, without any hint of chemical dyes, or fertilizers. Organic Kapok fibres do not have any harmful effects on the environment at the time of production, preparation, and development. Its packaging is also being reevaluated by companies to make it completely organic.


Who should buy an ilavam panju mattress

Kapok mattresses are ideal for those with neck pain, back pain, chronic pain, or who suffer from sleeping disorders. You may blame your stressful lives for your disruptive sleep patterns. But, keep an eye on your bedding too. Organic Kapok pillows are specially made for those with chronic body pains. The ilavam panju Kapok mattresses also provide immense pain relief for an aching spine. For those wanting to soften or harden their mattress with a natural filling, Ilavam Panju mattress topper can also be made to act as a cushioned layer and to provide adequate support to the back.

Kapok mattresses are made from an assortment of natural Kapok fibres. They are the softest mattresses imaginable and are excellent sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to ordinary cotton mattresses. If you are concerned about the depleting health of our planet, please choose organically produced Kapok mattresses.

Available pan India. Ilavam Panju mattress in Bangalore. Ilavam Panju mattress in Chennai. Ilavam Panju Mattress in Hyderabad.

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