How to create a royal bedroom at home

How to create a royal bedroom

The erstwhile feudal lords of Rajasthan in India were a lavish lot. Least to say, their forts truly had a magnificence to them that few would imagine.

When it comes to our own homes, all of us at some point aspire to create a royal feel at home. So what does a royal bedroom look like? And how to create one?

Here are simple ways to recreate the style found at Deogarh Mahal.

  1. Bed:

A plush bed often starts with a thick mattress. The reason luxury hotel beds feel that way is because they have mattresses of atleast 8 inches. To begin with, get a good spring mattress preferably made from natural materials so it doesn’t heat up during summers.

For bed sheets, choose soft white ones composed of organic cotton. These are not just free of chemicals right from the farm to fabric but also luxurious and super-soft. Investing in a great bed is of prime importance for great sleep.

Lastly, add a royal touch with bed covers of sequined quilts and cushions.



  1. Tassels:

A tassel is a hanging wall décor piece often made from weaved yarn or cloth that spruces up any space and adds drama to it.

A clever way could be to use vintage fans as wall décor. Bright and upbeat, these liven up your bedroom.


  1. Art:

Hail paintings. Be it oil, water or miniature, a good painting speaks oodles about you taste. Not only this, it is a smart way to fill up an otherwise empty wall.

  1. Accessories:

An old mirror, a distressed wooden treasure box or ‘tijori’ work well to add accent to the bedroom.

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