Because the textile industry is full of appalling conditions, from inhumane treatment to low wages, we sought to rectify it.

Amouve organic farm

Starting from farms where the cotton is grown, we wanted to bring about a real change. It is no hidden fact that Indian cotton farmers are increasingly burdened with loans to buy GMO seeds and pesticides. Rising debts and the inability to pay these have resulted in nearly 300.000 farmer suicides since the mid 90s! To put an end to this debt-cycle, we tied up with Organic Cotton farms in South India that only use Non-GMO seeds and natural herbicides like Neem. 

Amouve organic sheets

Spinning mills on the other hand employ women and young girls, some as young as 15, who are forced to work long hours for low wages. Living in very basic company-run hostels, they are given high targets for every hour but paid as little as 22p/hour, making it unviable to survive.

Organic Cotton Farm in South India   GOTS and Fair Trade Factory

We knew we had to be different and track every part of our supply chain, which is why we partnered with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)  and Fair Trade Certified factories that not only promise fair wages, good working conditions but even uplift the quality of their life. 

To further complete the loop, we sell direct to the consumer, thereby saving on offline store rentals and middlemen markups and passing the savings directly to the consumer.

Amouve direct to consumer

Amouve is a way to support farmers, workers and the planet alike in order to grow sustainable economic opportunities in India and protect the environment whilst giving the softest sleep to you.