Kapok Mattress


      Buy mattress online with the finest natural fibre. Relieve back pain and other issues with organic kapok or ilavam panju, also called as silk cotton. Orthopedic mattress that is a perfect alternative to memory foam mattresses. Unlike Memory foam, this does not trap heat and is the perfect cool mattress to keep your body sweat-free and heat-free.

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      Kapok Mattress

      • 100% Organic

        Crafted from 100% Organic tree fibre, Kapok is a natural, airy fibre and is also referred to as silk cotton or ilavam panju. Provides the feel of down without any cruelty or allergies.

      • Orthopedic

        A Kapok mattress provides the perfect support to your back and spine. Unlike foam mattreses that sink-in, Kapok provides a hard, firm feel.

      • Customized

        Amouve provides a customized mattress according to your bed size. The dimensions as well as the height of the mattress can be customized.

      • Virgin Kapok With Special Tumbling Process

        Extra-long Kapok fibres undergo a special tumbling process, leaving only the finest, smoothest fibres that go into your mattress.