Your ordinary towels could be causing Acne

Towels are a great place for bacteria to breed. Obviously, they get wet and often sit warm for hours before completely drying off. Towels easily pick up dry skin particles, dirt and moisture, all of which provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive.

So what exactly happens when you use a dirty towel to dry your face after washing it? As you rub the towel on your face, bacteria can transfer to your face and collect in your pores, encouraging pimples and causing irritation

Most teenagers and adults struggle with pimples. Acne is often caused by scrubbing your face with a dirty towel that can do more harm than good.  

Add to this the fact that ordinary towels, even the ones made of cotton are replete with chemicals. From pesticides in cotton farms to processing of chemicals, there's more dirt already than you think?

So what option do we have?

The best solution to control your acne when it comes to face towels or washcloths is using organic cotton towels. Organic cotton is free of toxins and hence will save you from the wrath of dangerous chemicals.

organic towel

Secondly, in order to ensure your face towel or bath towel spares you from acne is by washing them in warm water with a light, sulphate-free detergent and about 30 ml of vinegar. Vinegar helps take off any smell, dinginess and is a natural cleanser. 


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