Why you should opt for organic bath towels as opposed to synthetic ones.

How many times have you used a bath towel with either of the following?

  1. Pills very quickly
  2. Made of synthetics or conventional cotton
  3. No absorbency
  4. Feels rough and course

Chances are you’ll agree to one or all of these.

Truth remains that bath linens are made using a number of synthetics, modal being the new age derivative that has found common use in clothing and sheets. However, fibers such as rayon and modal are made from natural cellulose, but the process of conversion involves a lot of processing and chemicals. The finished product is altogether different from its original nature-found properties.

Modal feels soft but pills very quickly. After 7-8 washes, you start questioning if it was a towel you first bought. Another oft used fiber is of course cotton. Not many people realise that using conventional cotton is similar to using chemicals on your body. A lot of synthetics are blended with low grade cotton that is quick to roughen. These cotton fibers are more likely coated with vinyl or even formaldehyde.

How does organic cotton differ from these?

As an unprocessed natural material, organic cotton not only gets softer with each wash, but also offers very high absorbency.  Naturally breathable for your skin and body, these organic cotton bath towels are the plushest for an ultimate bathing experience. Also, the fact that these are made of 700 gsm GOTS certified cotton, seals their authenticity and quality.

You could also try quick dry bath towels that are great for travelling and usage in the gym.

These also ensure your skin stays safe from rashes and redness due to chemicals. Opt for organic cotton bath towels and organic cotton bed sheets to give yourself a comfortable bedding and bath experience. 

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