What is the Most Luxurious Thread Count for Bed Sheets?

Are you powering through every day with barely a quarter of proper sleep? Do you want to uncover the secret behind a good night’s sleep? Other than mindful exercise, your mattress and your bedsheets play a significant role in determining the quality of your sleep. A high-quality mattress with a comfortable bedsheet is a prerequisite for a good night’s sleep. Cotton bedsheets are all the rage for their thermo-regulating properties, making them ideal for homes in humid temperatures.


What thread count is to bedsheets, GSM is to towels. Thread count for bedsheets is believed to be the ultimate marker in selecting the best bedsheet. We know that the higher the GSM or thread count, the higher the quality of the fabric. However, let us bust a myth today. A higher thread count does not always mean a better quality bed sheet. Surely, the thread count plays a role in determining the quality of the sheet, but it is not an end in itself. There are other factors besides the thread count like the cotton quality, weaving style, and processing methods to gauge the quality of a bedsheet.


Is a Higher Thread Count Always the Best?

Myth Busted! No, a higher thread count for bedsheets may indicate durability, but not always quality. Most ordinary bedding companies spin together multiple threads to ensure a higher thread count that goes up to 700 or 800 at times, but it may not always be the most comfortable option for you. Multiple threads spun together may bring down the softness of the fabric. Some manufacturers split a yarn into two to increase the number of threads, indicating that though the thread count is high in some cotton bed sheets, they are not always the best choice for you.


The Light Test to Judge the Quality of Cotton Bedsheets

Take a cotton bedsheet. Hold it up in front of a light source. If light rays pass easily through the weave and you can almost see the threads spun together clearly, it will not be too durable. Most likely, these kinds of thin cotton bedsheets are of a lower thread count, around 180 to 200. It will be very soft and thin, but it won’t last more than a couple of machine washes.


Best Kept Secret of Hotels

We mentioned just now that a cotton bedsheet with a 180 to 200 thread count is not too sustainable. But then, how do hotel bedsheets feel so good? They obviously invest in the lower thread count cotton bed sheets for cost-effective purposes. But, their

are washed at least three times more than our home ones. How do they make it last so long? A 200 thread count cotton bed sheet is not as bad as they have marketed it to be. They are light, comfortable, and airy. Hotel manufacturers use a more mechanical finish on their cotton bedsheets and reduce the number of chemicals used to make bed sheets. It makes the 200 thread count bedsheets quite durable, at least strong enough to last several machine washes.


Ideal Thread Count for Bedsheets

So, then why are higher thread counts in demand? Retail store owners have fooled you. The cotton bedsheets in the luxurious range in retail stores often have a thread count of 700 to 800. But, they may not always be of the best quality. They weave thinner strands of cotton to create a higher thread count. Since two thinner strands are weaved together, it gives the appearance of a quality bedsheet, but it is not so. Hotel bedsheets with around 200 thread count and Amouve’s organic cotton bed sheets with a thread count of 300 are weaved in a single-ply yarn, making them more sustainable.


Single vs Multi-ply fabrics

The weave plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the bedsheet, in fact, more than the thread count of the bedsheet. Satin fabric is made from a blend of different textures like polyester, silk, and nylon. Cotton is also a primary ingredient in weaving satin fabrics. Such multi-ply fabrics that are made from different textures woven together have a huge thread count, around 800 to 900 in some cases. However, the dense weave makes the fabric coarse. They are immensely durable but at the cost of comfort. They are never as airy and breathable as the cotton bed sheets with a thread count of 300 or less. Since these bedsheets are weaved with a single-ply yarn, they are much thinner and softer.


Quality of Cotton

There are a plethora of cotton variants available in the market. Choose your cotton bedsheet carefully for many manufacturers may try to dupe you into paying tons for a piece of mixed cotton fabric. So, if you are considering investing in a quality bed sheet, a 180-200 thread count cotton bed sheet would be cost-effective. You could choose a 300 thread count cotton bedsheet for the added luxury. 300 is the ideal thread count for bedsheets as it makes them sustainable and soft to touch. Another reason to avoid buying multi-ply bed sheets is their coarseness due to the mixed fabric. Some multi-ply bed sheets are quite dense and allow less air to pass through, making them unsuitable for hot temperatures.


Why does Organic Bedding Feel so Good?

Choose organic bedding instead of ordinary double cotton bedsheets. Organic cotton bed sheets are comfortable, breathable, and airy. They are made without any artificial chemicals or industrial dyes, making them safer for you to inhale. It is a myth that organic bedding costs a fortune. There are many affordable brands like Amouve Organic-Cotton Bedding and Bath Products that make designer cotton bedsheets as well as a simple, double bed or King size cotton bed sheets at an affordable price. You do not have to expose yourself to the virus, Covid-19 to buy natural bedding. Order Amouve’s organic bedding online on their official website.


Signing Off

Most organic bedding companies, like Amouve, are committed to delivering the finest quality bedding to your doorstep. Hence, they limit their thread count to 300. As mentioned before, hotels use 300 thread count bedsheets that are weaved in a single-ply yarn. King size organic cotton bed sheets are also weaved in a single-ply yarn and are highly breathable. Organic cotton bed sheets are also designed to become softer with each use. Organic bedding lasts ten times longer than ordinary cotton bedsheets.

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