Valentine’s Day Décor Ideas

So here we are, sitting on Valentines, trying to think up creative ways to profess love to our partners.

Believe us, flowers and chocolates are dead. Rather stay in and have a date night together at home. And whoever said date nights at home would be boring, just didn’t know how to spruce it up.

Here are ways to get the romantically – challenged to do up the house:

  1. Mason Jars

There’s nothing quite like mason jars when it comes to creating the perfect mood. Just get in some empty jars, put in some corks and a candle. You’re good to wow him/her totally.












  1. Sumptuous bed sheets

Translate the magic and love between the sheets. Undeniably, your partner is sure to love the soft suppleness of organic bed sheets online. These are not just chemical-free but also feel luxurious to the hilt.


  1. Quirky, romantic headboard

Headboards have this quality of always reminding you two that you’re together no matter what. Go for a wooden headboard that can be easily made with strips of wood. Etch out a nice quote that symbolises you two. ‘Always kiss me goodnight.’ Or ‘We’re in this together.’


















Aimee Weaver Designs

4. A hand-made painting

Painting your love is often a great way to articulate how much the other person means to you. Paint an oil canvas with a symbolism of the time you first met, or your first date or what he/she means to you. Hang it up as a reminder of the chemistry you will always share.









Almond Blossoms: Van Gogh

Do write in to us with your ideas. Happy Valentine's folks! 

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