The ultimate new year bedtime goals

The ultimate new year bedtime goals

 While fitness, health and work are on the cards for a good start to the new year, one very important aspect of our lives – sleep is oft forgotten. Here are the ultimate bed time goals to give you great sleep.

  1. Luxurious, natural bedding

The quality of your bed sheets, duvets and pillow covers determines how well you sleep upto a large extent. Ensure your sheets are not just chemical-free and organic, but even the softest ever. The sweet spot for good sheets is 300 TC. You can take your pick between percale (crisp) and sateen (soft and luxurious).

  1. Bed time routine

A good bed time routine means you’re doing things that help you unwind as well as prep up for the next day. Consider jotting down your next day tasks in a diary to prepare beforehand. Unwind with dim lights, soft music and a book at your side. The smartest and the famous swear by the book.


  1. Consistent sleep schedule

Sticking to a bed time helps your body understand your sleep pattern and know when to wake up and when to doze off. Keeping a routine helps you feel energized.

  1. Go gadget-free

Imagine spending 8 hours of your work day ogling at your laptop and coming back home again to stare on your phone screen. Your bedroom needs to be your haven of comfort and a place where you leave gadgets at bay. The lights from screens delay the secretion of the sleep hormone, signalling that the body shouldn’t go off to sleep even if you’re tired. Bid adieu to your phone, laptop, ipads or anything else that emits light.

  1. Shower, brush and clothe

It is so important to unwind with a quick shower to shed off all the dirt during the day. Another oft made mistake is not brushing before going to bed, something that takes a toll in the longer run. Also important is to wear the most comfortable attire. Again choose organic clothing to give you the most sumptuous sleep.

  1. Cut caffeine and alcohol

Ensure you don’t take in any caffeine or alcohol just before going to bed. Caffeine stops the body from feeling asleep naturally.

  1. Bedtime yoga

Yoga helps you destress. Follow simple yoga exercises to give you the sleep of a lifetime. More here:


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