The different types of weaves used in luxury bed sheets

A guide to buying the best bed linen and bedding sets.

When shopping for new bed sheets or bed linen, one is often lost with the myriad thread counts, weaves and types of fabrics.

What is 1000 tc? How is it different from 300 tc? What does Sateen mean? Is it the same as Satin? What is flannel and percale?

Choosing the perfect set of sheets often boils down to your needs: whether you want something for summer, winter, warm sheets, cool sheets, silky soft sheets or crispy. Here's all to get you sorted:

1. Sateen:

Sateen is a weave of cotton that gives a soft feel to the fabric. It consists of a wasp and a weft (threads that run horizontal and vertical) one over the other. Sateen sheets usually have a slight sheen. (Satin and sateen are different. While sateen is a weave of cotton, satin is synthetic and comes in polyester or microfiber sheets). Below: Sateen fitted sheet from Amouve.

2. Percale:

Percale is a weave that lends coolness to the fabric and appears crisp. Percale is typically used in hot weather. 

3. Flannel:

Fancy something warm on a wintry night? Go for flannel. The brushed cotton in flannel leads to a warm, cosy feeling and hence people in cold counties typically use flannel sheets.

4. Jersey

Jersey sheets are a perfect way to keep you cool and comfy in the hot weather. Jersey bed sheets give the feel of a super soft t-shirt and feel great and comfy against the skin. They are naturally stretchy and wrinkle-free. Because cotton is a breathable fabric, cotton jersey sheets will not leave you overheated as they wick away moisture and lets you rest peacefully. Amouve will soon be introducing jersey sheets.

Always ensure you go for organic cotton sheets. Normal cotton serves no real purpose, on the contrary makes you itchy with the number of chemicals it has.


  • Ramchandra Dupare

    What is standared constuction Polyester cotton bed linen for indian domestic and export market

  • Amouve

    Thanks Kate.

  • Kate

    Hey, this is very informative. thank you!

  • Amouve

    Hi Swati,

    We already have Sateen and Percale sheets on the website. We shall be introducing Jersey bedsheets (replicating the feel of a really soft t-shirt) in October.

    Look out for those next month.

    Let us know in case of any queries.

    Kind Regards,

  • Swati

    Would like to hav a look at the types of bedsheets available.

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