How many bed sheet sets and towels should you have?

Just how many times have you twiddled your thumb and brooded over what the exact number of bed sheet sets you own should be? Or for that matter your towels?

Countless. Here's helping you solve your dilemma.

Studies estimate that most people just use 20% of what they actually own. Take a look at your apparel closet and your shoes for example. You will see clothes you never wore or shoes that you do once in 6 months. Same for your bed.

You may notice worn out bed linen or shams. Or a towel that you've been using since grandma was born.

At Amouve, we believe buying quality over quantity is the way to go. Just think about your bed sheets that you spend 8 hours sleeping in and towels that you wrap yourself around in. When you choose well, you know it is made to last. 

Hence this is what Amouve suggests. The rule of three meaning one should have three pairs of sheets and 5 towels.

3 bed sheet sets:

1. One on the bed

2. One in the closet

3. One in the hamper


5 towel sets:

1. Bath towel, body towel

Considering you bathe twice a day, one before going to work and one after, you should have a separate towel for both. Best to have a luxury towel that lets your body feel great.

2. Hair towel

Also ascertain you keep a separate towel for your hair. Your hair needs to be treated much more gently than your body, else it is prone to breakage.

3. Hand towel

This is used for all your washing needs. Before a meal, after a meal.

4. Face towel

Use this when you wash your face thrice a day. Keep away all the sebum, oil and dust by ascertaining a good organic, chemical-free towel.

5. Travel towel

Keep a pair of travel towels which are small and handy.

6. Gym towel

A gym towel helps you wipe off the sweat. Use an organic towel so you don't put back the chemicals you have just sweated out.

Women could also use these as a beauty salon towel for any facials. 


Alternately, you may find that owning additional washcloths or pillowcases works better with your routine.

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