Difference between flat and fitted sheets

Fitted Bed Sheets are used the world over. What exactly are these? And how do they help?

Fitted Sheets come with an elastic band across the bottom (also called a bottom sheet) and fit snuggly to your mattress. These are used as a protective cover for your mattress and are easy and hassle-free to put on.

Flat sheets, on the other hand, are put above the fitted sheets, as a measure to protect any additional basics like duvet covers or blankets that go on top.

However, in the Indian context, people typically use a flat sheet which is directly put on the mattress.

With modern trends that replicate the best abroad, a discerning section has started using both fitted and flat sheets in recent years. However, it is purely a matter of personal choice.

To cater to this personal preference, Amouve sheets come in both a set of 3 (Flat Sheet + 2 Pillow Covers) in Navy and White and 4 (Flat Sheet + Fitted Sheet + 2 Pillow Covers) in Dark Grey with a beautiful pop of ochre on pillows and the flat sheet.

Feel the finest organic cotton against your skin with the lustrous smooth sheets in Navy and White or the crisp light texture of percale in Dark Grey.

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