Create your spa at home with Organic Cotton Bath Towels

It is often due to the busy life in the city and the pressure of getting things done, we start to neglect ourselves. Our skin starts wrinkling and flaking up, our hair starts thinning, dark circles become our identifying feature and we are tired all the time. A little self-care in such times goes a long way. Personal pampering definitely has its own benefits. Ask any celebrity about their favorite stress relief process and most of them would reply with regular trips to some extravagant fancy spa. 

A trip to the spa may seem like some long and unnecessary activity for those with limited time on their hands. But, most of us don’t realize that it is the stressed and overtly busy people, who benefit the most from spa trips. Spas are designed in a way to provide relaxation, clear our minds of worries and improve blood circulation. 

You can create a home spa experience very easily that will make you feel completely at ease. 

You can choose the finest bath products and essential oils to unwind. But, they won’t do your skin any good if you end up scrubbing them away with an ordinary towel. You should choose towels that are organically manufactured for the best results. Now, why should you choose organic bath towels?

A foot massage is the ideal way to end your day. It will calm your frazzled nerves right away. You may scrub your foot with a pumice stone for some exfoliation. But, if you use a synthetic towel to wipe your feet, you will not get the best results. Cotton or synthetic towels that are chemically treated are harsh for the skin. After exfoliation, your feet will be too tender to be exposed to such chemicals. You should switch to bath towels for the softest feel of rubbing your feet. Even when you scrub your body with scrubs or salts, be sure to wipe gently with a towel and then massage with essential oils or a hydrating moisturizer. You may also use a body mist for added hydration. 

Are you changing towels frequently? Then, it may be high time to switch to organic bath towels. Unlike other synthetic and chemically treated towels, the cotton fibers of these towels retain their durability. They last year after year. When you are treating yourself to a day of relaxation, you deserve the best. It may seem slightly expensive than the popularized, harsh, chemically treated towels you are used to, but we promise it’s worth it in the long run. 


When you are have spent some time lathered up in warm oils and serums, you need the softest towels to pat dry. Organic Cotton towels are also very airy, sustainable and breathable. You may tuck your face into them and enjoy an amazing massage. If you have been following a rigorous routine of morning and evening cleanse, and yet you are facing redness, unnecessary bumps and breakouts on your skin, it may be due to your towel. Chemically treated towels are never the softest and will irritate your skin further. 

Amouve brings you the finest range of organic towels to make your spa-at-home experience even more relaxing and enjoyable. You can even buy towels online, if you don’t feel like browsing through a store. 

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