Can bedsheets and towels be washed together?

Bedsheets are made from woven fabric, meaning they have a flat-feeling fabric while towels are knit and looped together to make a pile height. Towels are of terry weave typically giving them maximum absorbency unlike bedsheets.

If you're ever faced with the dilemma of deciding between choosing to wash bedsheets or towels individually or together to save on time or electricity, our suggestion is to was them separately. 

Amouve bath towel

Reasons below:

1. Bedsheets and towels need a separate spinning cycle. While sheets need more time considering the vastness, towels could run on a 10-15 minute spin cycle to wash off all dirt and grime.

2. Bedding as stated is typically woven, which means it will barely pass off lint. Towels on the other hand are made up of a different weave making them slightly more prone to wash off or lint. 

3. Towels can ball up with sheets.

4. Towels are sturdy and made to take abuse.  Sheets are tender, made from delicate cotton and are supposed to be gentle on the skin. Abusing them would mean spoiling your favourite bedsheet set and ruining the gentleness of the otherwise super-soft organic cotton bedsheets.

Simply follow the above and you'll have them both going strong for long. 

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