Your Guide to Anti-Microbial Linens

Are you tired of constantly washing your bed sheets every other day in the summer? Well, we cannot certainly help it, for the sweat and grime accumulated in our bedsheets for over eight hours every day would smell funky if not washed frequently. However, a downside of frequent laundry visits is that bedsheets get rougher within a few months.


Anti-microbial bedsheets work on the same principle as anti-microbial soaps and sanitizers. They attack germs from the root level and prevent the further spread of bacteria. Investing in anti-microbial linens for your King size bed would help keep away mold, bacteria, and viruses, and keep bed sheets fresh and breathable. Our sources say that it significantly reduces the number of washes for, they stay fresh for a longer period.


Experts are of the opinion that dissolving even a tiny amount of silver ions in the textile manufacturing process stops bacteria growth. Silver strands almost as minuscule as the hair of a person are weaved along with the threads to make anti-microbial, silver-infused bedsheets. Anti-microbial bedsheets have been a novelty luxury item, however, in recent times, brands are trying to localize these bedsheets. Needless to say, the germ-killing properties would probably be a mega hit among new mothers. With the Covid-19 onslaught, anti-microbial linen cloths sound like a better alternative to ordinary cotton bedsheets.


Why Choose Anti-Microbial Linens

Silver-infused anti-microbial bedsheets have been all the rage in recent times, not only for keeping away microbes but also for their beneficial properties. Read on to know why anti-microbial linens are often preferred over ordinary bedsheets.


  • Stops the Spread of Bacteria

Bacteria grows whenever there is a medium, like moisture from the air, or wetness from use. Since anti-microbial bedding is silver-infused, it prevents the virus or bacteria from spreading further. The silver-infused thread strands also make the bed sheet stronger and make them more sustainable.


  • Makes Bedding Stink-free

As mentioned previously, since anti-microbial bed sheets keep away bacteria, they are less likely to get stinky. However, do not skip laundry days too often just because you have silver-infused bed sheets. Anti-microbial bed sheets make it easy to do laundry, as they do not get too dirty if you wash them once in a while.


  • Skin-friendly Linen Cloths

Since anti-microbial bed sheets are less stinky and keep away bacteria, they are super skin-friendly. The dense thread count coupled with silver strands is very effective in keeping away bacteria, making it sturdy as well. If you suffer from skin rashes, have sensitive skin, or live with children, do give anti-microbial linens a try.


  • Cooling in Summer

Silver-infused linens also have cooling properties. They are more thermo-regulating and hypoallergenic than most ordinary cotton bedsheets, hence they keep the body cooler as temperatures soar. Being bacteria-free, these anti-microbial linens are also more airy and breathable.


  • Protects Linens from Wrinkles and Crumpling

You might have noticed that your bed sheets form wrinkles and crumple as per your sleeping posture. It goes away in most cases, however, it looks unappealing. The silver infused in anti-microbial linens makes them sturdy and less prone to crumpling. Anti-microbial linens are less likely to form wrinkles than most ordinary cotton bed sheets.


  • Pet-friendly Linens

Most anti-microbial linens are free from harsh chemicals and dyes. The strand-infusing process is made as organic as possible in most bedding companies. This luxury linen also takes care of your pets. They do not inhale any toxic fumes and would definitely snuggle with you on these linens.


  • Softest than Most Bedsheets

Silver-infused linens are made with tons of care. They are durable and keep away bacteria. However, one of their most underrated qualities is that they are extremely soft. Rest assured, you won’t stop raving about these linens once you have broken them in.


  • Good Return on Investment

Anti-microbial linens are a luxurious investment, but a wise one. Not only do they last for years, but they are also environment-friendly. They are soft and gentle on the skin, making them perfect for children to use. They may cost a bit more than ordinary bed sheets but they give higher returns in the long run. Once in a while, we do deserve to splurge on ourselves. Don’t we?


Low-Cost High Return Options

While silver-infused bedding is a top-quality product for keeping away microbes, it is still 30% costlier than ordinary cotton bedding. However, Amouve’s Organic Bedding and Towels are always striving to make luxury affordable, producing  the softest organic cotton bedding and towels that can rival the topmost silver-infused bedding in terms of keeping away microbes. Amouve believes that luxury does not have to cost a bomb and having woked on that principle, designer bed sheets, soft towels and dohars are available for all. 


Signing Off

If these bed sheets promoting squeaky clean benefits do not woo you over, they will, once you give them a try. Amouve’s range of luxurious organic cotton bed sheets is available online. While monochrome colors have their own old-world charm, give prints and popping shades a try. If you can color-coordinate your walls, your printed bed sheets would work as an amazing bedspread.

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