Why one should use Belgian Linen Bedsheets

Belgian Linen sheets are made from European grown flax fibres and have a premium high quality. It is woven accordingly to a time-honored tradition and combines crispness, comfort, softness and durability.

With a natural and soft feel, this bed sheet with a perfect combination between comfort and elegance is ideal if you have sensitive skin or live in a hot or humid environment. Soft and breathable, these sheets are great in comfort and sophistication. Made from materials with a premium high quality, our Belgian Linen sheets offer you lasting value for your money.

They are crisp, comfortable, soft yet strong and durable. Ideal for those who live in hot or humid climate or have sensitive skin or sleep on their side.

Crafted with a special stone-washed process, these sheets let you revel in luxury. Pure linen differentiates itself from cotton-linen by its make. Most brands pass off a mix of cotton and linen as pure linen, when in fact the finest, purest linen only comes from western Europe. 

Belgian Flax Linen is linen made from European flax, whereas Belgian Linen is linen made entirely in Europe - from plant to linen. As a consumer, one should know what she is paying for. 

Amouve's Belgian linen sheets come as a set of 1 King flat sheet in the size of 110 inch x 110 inch with 4 pillow covers in 18x28 inch so you can layer your bed.

We all love linen bed sheets and we have a wide range of different colors and sizes. They make a great additional layer in the bedroom.

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