Why do hotel bedsheets feel so good?

Have you ever wondered why hotel bedsheets feel so good? Is it the freshly-washed smell? Or, the crunch of sinking into pillowy goodness? We reserve hotel rooms during vacations so, it could be a placebo effect as we are mentally relaxed when sleeping on white hotel cotton bedsheets. 

Low thread count. Long-lasting. Good quality. Affordable price. The cotton bedsheets used in hotels have the best in every world. Hospitality sectors want good quality at a decent rate, as their sheets are washed around 300 times a year. Our ordinary double bed cotton bedsheets sold in retail stores, even with a comparatively higher thread count cannot compete with such hardy, hotel bedsheets. Value for money is the motto of hotel bedsheets. 

Best-kept Secrets of Hotel Bed Sheets

Although white hotel cotton bedsheets have a lower thread count than the bedsheets available on Amazon or the bedding available on Flipkart, they last thirteen times longer. Low thread count indicates poor quality. So, how are hotels making their King size bed sheets last longer at a lesser rate? Your shopping centers fooled you. 300 thread count is considered to be one of the finest quality bed sheets on the market. Amouve’s organic double bed cotton bed sheets 3with 00 thread count are of top quality and available at an affordable rate. In bedsheets with lower thread count, cotton yarns are weaved with some spaces. It makes the bedsheets more breathable and airy. No wonder hotel cotton bedsheets feel so light and airy. 

The cotton double bedsheets sold in retail stores are advertised in a way that 700-800 GSM seems to be the best quality bedsheets. Their best-kept secret is that they weave thinner strands of cotton tightly to create a dense and heavier fabric. Since two thinner threads are spun together, a 300 thread count bedsheet is converted into a 600 thread-count bedsheet, twice the number of threads are used. Most white hotel cotton bedsheets are weaved with a single-ply yarn, like Amouve’s cotton bedsheets. It makes them more sturdy and durable. 

Retail double bed cotton bedsheets are softened with fabric softeners, which when washed away reveal the coarser fabric underneath. Hotel bed sheets are washed almost every other day, after a guest leaves, which gives them their classic, soft feel. 

King size hotel bed sheets are durable as the cotton is mixed with other fabrics. Polyester and mixed linens strengthen cotton and make it easy to weave. Most of us go looking for the purest fabrics like 100% cotton bedsheets. This is why they do not last as long as hotel bedsheets. 

Hotel bed sheets are also designed to limit the number of washings. While many of you are probably appalled while reading this, imagining that hotels do not wash their bedding regularly, think of the number of guests they cater to. Most hotel rooms are air-conditioned. If people sweat less, the bedsheets won’t smell so bad. 

How do Hotels Have Such Wrinkle-free Bedsheets?

It feels so luxurious to jump into crisp, wrinkle-free, soft, cotton bedsheets in a hotel. Wondering how do hotels keep their bedsheets absolutely wrinkle-free? They have access to large flatwork ironers to even out wrinkles. The soft cotton bedsheets are pressed through these flatwork ironers, sometimes whole, to smooth out every crease. Retail and hospitality products differ on a large scale. 

Washing Hotel Bed Sheets

The way hotel bedsheets are washed also contributes to their soft and thermo-regulating properties. Washing bed sheets often makes them softer than your house bedsheets. Also, they are put through high-quality dryers and laden with softeners and scents to get them ready for the next guest. Retail stores also use softeners, but once washed away, they are not re-applied. Commercial fabric detergents contain phosphates, that are not put in retail detergents for safety purposes. It is a no-brainer that hotel bedsheets are not the healthiest choices for your bedroom. 

Organic Bedding vs Hotel Bedsheets 

There are plenty of similarities between the manufacturing of double bed cotton bedsheets for the hospitality sector and organic cotton bedding. Most organic bedding companies, like Amouve, are committed to delivering the finest quality bedding to your doorstep. Hence, they limit their thread count to 300. As mentioned before, hotels use 300 thread count bedsheets that are weaved in a single-ply yarn. King size organic cotton bed sheets are also weaved in a single-ply yarn and are highly breathable. Like white hotel bedsheets, organic cotton bed sheets are also designed to become softer with each use. Organic bedding lasts ten times longer than ordinary cotton bedsheets. 

Why Organic Bedding?

If you are thinking of turning 2022 into your year of making healthy choices, why not start with revamping your bedroom? Choose organic bedding instead of ordinary double cotton bedsheets. Organic cotton bed sheets are comfortable, breathable, and airy. They are made without any artificial chemicals or industrial dyes, making them safer for you to inhale. It is a myth that organic bedding costs a fortune. There are many affordable brands like Amouve Organic-Cotton Bedding and Bath Products that make designer cotton bedsheets as well as simple, double bed or King size cotton bed sheets at an affordable price. You do not have to expose yourself to the virus, Covid-19 to buy natural bedding. Order Amouve’s organic bedding online on their official website.

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