Which bed sheets are the best for your skin type?

Do you wake up tossing and turning? Do you frequently have night sweats? Do you long for a long, relaxed, uninterrupted sleep? There may be tons of gadgets, candles, and incenses with promises of sleep. Sometimes, you have to resort to the basics. Your bedding plays a huge role in your sleep patterns. Melatonin is produced when you are relaxed and have a cooler body temperature. If you are disturbed and cannot fall asleep, it may be due to lower levels of melatonin. So, you must choose a bedding that keeps you cool and doesn’t cause any rashes. 


If you live in a tropical zone, organic cotton bedsheets are the best option. It is a natural fiber that absorbs sweat and also helps in regulating body temperature. It will keep you comfortable. Cotton can also be woven in different weaves like percale, flannel, sateen and the herringbone. All of them are really cozy and relaxing. Sateen weave has an especially soft feel against your skin. If you suffer from any particular skin rash, oily skin or eczema, this type of soft weaved, organic cotton bedsheet will not make it worse. It is suitable for all skin types. Make sure that the cotton sheet that you are choosing has a 200-400 thread count and is purely organic. Only the 100% organic cotton bedsheet is made free from synthetic dyes and additives. Wool is also a natural fiber and responds to how hot your body is. It also absorbs moisture and keeps you cozy. 


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Linen bedding also has thermoregulatory properties. It absorbs moisture, insulates heat in summer and keeps you warm in winter. Also, linen originates from flax. It is very easily cultivable without using any hazardous pesticides and also requires less water. It is recyclable and bio degradable. Linen becomes softer every time you wash them. However, you can’t just throw your linen sheets in the washer with everything else. You must dry clean them or wash them carefully in a gentle solution to preserve its properties. So, it’s a huge advantage. They are gentle on the skin too. Sensitive skin people and people with dry skin, take note!


Bamboo is non-absorbent in nature. That means, it won’t absorb all your body sweats and oils. It will last comfortably for about two years. it is naturally made after fibers are extracted from the bamboo. Some people claim that it is softer than cotton bedding. It is suitable for all skin types. But, it is especially best for people who are prone to allergies. Bamboo rayon, bamboo linen, etc. are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Since, it doesn’t absorb sweat, sheets don’t turn yellow. And, bedbugs don’t bite. It is also very commonly grown, so buying it won’t deplete the environment of its trees. It also has zero carbon footprint. It doesn’t need any artificial additives to grow. However, during processing it may you synthetic fibres as a blend. 



Cordoruy bed sheets are made from cotton.  It is also very easily washable. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin or other skin concerns, as it is hypoallergenic. 

If your sheets are dirty and torn, it is definitely an eye sore. Choose colorful and comfortable sheets. You will be more likely to retire early to your bed.  It is funny how people who invest so much just for a movie date or a night-out, are reluctant to spend a couple of bucks on bedding sheets that they will use for quite a few years. Buy bedsheets online from the wide range offered by Amouve. 

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