Which are the best cotton bed sheets for summer?

Summer is here and with it come many hot days and nights. Staying comfortable in your bed while sleeping at night or during the day requires the best sweat-wicking bed sheets to keep you comfortable all through.

Stick with natural fibers.

The best queen size and king size bed sheets to use during the summer are made up of 100% natural fibers. This includes organic cotton weaves such as percale, sateen, and jersey.

The goal is to allow the bedsheets to breathe and air to flow. Natural fibres allow easy movement and make your body breathable. 

Heavy, polyester bedsheets keep air trapped thereby leading to a hot sweaty body and frequent breakouts. When your bed linen is made up of natural fibres, it will let the air circulate and keep the moisture from forming and wont leave perspiration on your bed.

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So what should you opt for within cotton?

Percale weave in cotton is crisp and cool and works the best for summers. Percale is best recommended for those who sweat a lot. In India typically, people buy percale bed sheets online to solve the miseries with the hot climate. 


There are several options here for the various blends of cotton:

  • Percale – This fabric is of a high thread count (typically 200+) and closely woven
  • Sateen – Feels similar to silk, is lustrous and soft. structure of these sheets allows them to feel very soft while maintaining durability 
  • Jersey – Think soft t shirt fabrics. Jersey is a knit weave and feels cool on the skin. Also it fits snugly to the mattress. 
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