What is a Dohar made of?

Cannot sleep comfortably in summers? While the humid summers make us perspire, the cold drafts at night do call for a light cover. A single cotton double bedsheet may not be warm enough while wrapping two cotton bedsheets would be uncomfortable. This is where cotton dohars come to your rescue. They are made like a sandwich, with the softest muslin cotton on both sides filled with an organic cotton wadding in the middle. They trap heat between the layers, which would help you to keep warm. However, they are not too stuffy, making cotton dohars the perfect fit for chilly summer nights. 

Why Buy a Dohar?

If you sleep hot, a cotton dohar blanket is a must for you. You do not have to dangle one leg outside the blanket to feel comfortable. If you turn on the air-conditioner, cotton dohars are the best to snuggle in, as they maintain the perfect body temperature. You would be cozy in a dohar blanket, neither too hot nor too cold, no matter whether you sleep with or without air-conditioners. Cotton dohars are also reasonably priced, making them a quality investment for a decent rate. Amouve, India’s leading organic bedding brand, offers two kinds of printed double bed cotton dohar for summer. They also offer single-bed cotton dohars. The prints are hand-printed by master craftsmen. 

Comforters vs Dohars: Which is Better?

It is easy to feel confused between choosing a comforter and a duvet. Both have a layer of insulating material between two cotton layers. The only difference between comforters and dohars is that while dohars have a layer of organic cotton in between two muslin layers, comforters have a layer of synthetic material between two cotton layers. Comforters are designed to provide slightly more warmth than an organic cotton dohar blanket. If you live in a humid, tropical country, a dohar blanket would be the better choice for you. 

Why Organic Cotton is the Better Choice?

While choosing between comforters and dohar blankets depends on your sleeping habits and the kind of weather in your country, there is no denying the superiority of organic cotton over ordinary cotton or synthetic materials. Organic cotton dohar blankets for summers are better than comforters because they have a layer of organic cotton in between the two muslin layers. They make the material more skin-friendly and breathable. If you are allergic or have children, you may consider choosing the dohar blanket. 

Organic cotton is manufactured without any industrial chemicals and artificial additions. Manufacturing organic cotton helps to sustain the livelihood of several cotton workers and local artisans and is better for the environment. Contrary to popular belief, organic cotton bedsheets won’t cost you a liver and a kidney. They may be priced slightly higher than an ordinary cotton double bedsheet. However, they are worth the pocket pinch. 

How to Style Dohars?

Printed dohars like the ones sold on Amouve’s official website could be used as a flat spread over your classic double cotton bedsheets. You may choose deep, monotone-hued cotton bedsheets and contrast them with a white or printed cotton dohar blanket. You may also match the color of your walls with your cotton dohar blanket, keeping the bed sheets and pillows in a different color. 

Product Recommendations

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of organic cotton, try using an organic bath towel for a few days. Trust us! There is no turning back once you have used the softest cotton bedding. If you are looking for sustainable businesses that sell quality cotton bedding that is prepared naturally, we recommend Amouve Bedding and Bath Products. They have a wide range of organic products like organic Kapok mattresses, Kapok pillows, cotton bath towels, organic fitted bedsheets, organic cotton bed sheets, and tons more. Their designer cotton bedsheets are to die for. They will make your room look like a million bucks. 

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