What are the dimensions of king size bed sheets?

We've all been there. Every time you go to buy your bed sheets, you're puzzled as to what size to buy.

Are double bed sheets the same as king size bed sheets

If you buy bed sheets online, will you be sure to get the right size?

Different brands mention different dimensions of double bed sheets online. So what should you go for?

Here's the list of bed sheets, both flat sheets and fitted sheets in single size, queen size and king size. Also consider that sizes of bed sheets will differ according to countries. 

Here are the sizes for bed sheet sets in India:

Indian bed sheets sizes

Flat sheets

 1. Single Bed Sheet - 60 x 90 inches with one pillow cover 18 x 28 inch

 2. Double Bed Sheet or Queen Size Bed Sheet - 90 x 100 inch with 2 pillow covers 18 x 28 inch or in some cases 90 x 104 inch with 2 pillow covers

3. King Size Bed Sheets also known as Super King Size Bed Sheets -

108 x 108 inch with 2 pillow covers 


Amouve Bed Sheets Online

Fitted Bed Sheets

 1. Single Fitted Sheet: 78 x 36 x 10 inch 

 2. Double Fitted Bed Sheet or Queen Size Fitted Bed Sheet - 78 x 60 x 10 inch or 72 x 60 x 10 inch. The depth varies from 10 inch to 15 inches.

Amouve can customize sheets for its customers.

3. King Size Fitted Bed Sheet: 

78 x 72 x 10 inch with 2 pillow covers 18 x 28 inch or in some cases 90 x 104 inch with 2 pillow covers

Amouve provides customization for bed sheets according to the size you'd like. Whether you want a sheet set that fits your 12 inch mattress or one for your kid's bed, we've got you covered. 

King Fitted Sheet By Amouve


  • Mansi


    While a single comforter is 90 × 60 inch in size, a double comforter is majorly 90 × 100 inch or 90 × 108 inch. What this translates to in simple terms is this: A single person uses a comforter of 90 inch (90 inch or 7.5 feet is the length (top to bottom) and 60 inch (5 feet is the width, left to right). 7.5 feet length covers the maximum height of even the tallest person.

    Conversely, when one uses a king comforter, say of 90 × 108 inch, this translates to two people using it together. Again, the logic here is that 90 inch (7.5 feet) covers the maximum height of a person and 108 inch (9 feet) is the width, thereby letting two people fit generously. Remember the famed blanket tug-of-war? With a large sized comforter, the width is a considerable 8-9 feet, helping each of you sleep peacefully.

    If you have any more questions on bed sheet sizes, you can write to us at care@amouve.com

  • Hollygail

    When I look at sheets and comforters there are two dimensions. On a king size flat sheet or comforter or duvet, which measurement is the width of the bed? The larger dimension or the smaller dimension?

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