Top ways to style your bedroom this Diwali with organic bedding

How to go with home décor ideas this Diwali by choosing organic bedding

Décor, the quintessential word that has us all asking for the swankiest homes. From tealight candles to succulents, from bedding to paint, there’s a ton that could be done to revamp the house.

However, when it comes to your personal sanctuary – your bedroom, what we often tend to miss in the rigmarole of finding something trendy and fashionable is the health aspect of it.

This festive season, choose to give your bedroom a makeover by going natural. Opt for chemical-free natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp or kapok. What most of us don’t know is the gory fact that conventional cotton and polyester sheets among others are full of chemicals, right from the farm where the cotton is sprayed with pesticides to the finishing where the fabric is coated with formaldehyde. Feel good by changing your bedding to sumptuous, toxin-free organic sheets that are luxurious, anti-pill, long-lasting and a boon to your health and skin. 

And while you give a boost to your conscience, there’s no reason to give your bedroom style a miss.

Here are top décor ideas for your bedroom makeover with different styles:

  1. Lagom:

Bring in refined sophistication Scandinavian minimalism. The Swedish concept of Lagom resonates with this. Lagom translating to ‘just what is right’ implies a design aesthetic that says less is more. Opt for simple, solid bed sheets in soft organic cotton and combine them with printed cushions and a waffle throw. You’d be amazed at how many compliments your room receives because of this simple technique.

  1. Nautical:

Hail beachy vibes with white organic cotton sheets and teal/sky-blue pillows. The idea is to keep the room looking fresh as ever.  You could opt for simple geometrical designs or a lot of beachy starfishes as another.

  1. Bohemian:

The easiest way to spur a bohemian-looking room is to get some messimalist linen cushions. A natural fabric, linen has the property to keep you cool in summers and warm in winters. Bohemian is all about pattern play. Hence, go wild with experimentation and throw in a kitsch quilt to complete the look.

  1. Hygge:

Come winters and it’s time to cosy up. Wrap yourself up in a beautifully hand-crafted organic cotton quilt like the Colourado quilt from Amouve that goes with the overall theme of your room. It could be red, rust, eggplant or even a rich indigo.

The Danish concept of Hygge is all about cosiness and bonhomie. Think cosy quilts or duvets, lots of candles, dim lighting and a knit-throw. Cuddling up with your pet will add onto the vibe.

  1. Farmhouse:

A personal favourite, country is all about being raw and natural. Distressed headboards, reclaimed wood, upcycled furniture among others create a truly rustic experience. Layer your bed with lots of pillows, even quilted ones that give you a good sleep and look great too. Sheets could be a mix of minimalist and maximalist – Sand or Mint coloured, or even classy Moroccan patterns coupled with embroidered linen cushion covers in neutrals. 

  1. Contemporary:

Clean is the word here. Clean lines that combine form and function, clean, elegant bedding and just the right number of artistic pieces – wall art, candle stands, sculpture or a lamp.

Contemporary rooms spell class and command that the bedroom looks spaced out, without a hotch-potch of accessories. Opt for voile or chenille curtains. Again, remember to keep them as natural as possible with the material.

  1. Indian:

Lastly, an Indian bedroom that all of us at some point have identified with. An Indian room is one that echoes the sentiment of its folk and culture – from handblock prints in ajrakh to charpais and a shehnai as a piece of art. Opt for an elegant print like Haminast from Amouve, inspired by the Mughal gardens of Kashmir. The idea here is to maintain what our country has bestowed us with – be it art and craft or quaint pieces from the hinterland.

And now that you’ve made a wiser choice by opting for the best bedsheets online you’ve made it a truly happy Diwali for the organic cotton farmer who works relentlessly on the fields. Not to forget a smarter choice for yourself. When you change your sheets, you change lives. 


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