Mattress Maintenance Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you feel prickly when you sleep? Can’t get into a comfortable sleeping position? Maybe, you have not changed your mattress in decades. A dirty mattress is likely to be too hard, making it difficult to get a restful night’s sleep. Dusting and cleaning your mattress regularly is the most full-proof way to ensure that it lasts for years and you get a good night’s sleep. You must also change your bed sheets regularly and use a mattress protector to make them last longer.


If your bed sheets itch, it is a sign that they may be infested with allergens and bacteria. Mattresses need to be changed at least once in five to ten years. Try not to sleep bareback on your mattress, as all the sweat and grime will accumulate on that mattress and it is impossible to change them too often. If you have the tendency to sweat or live in a hotter part of the planet, consider using a bed sheet atop your mattress. You must wash your bed sheets at least once every two to three weeks.


Rotating your Mattress

It is normal for your mattress to dip down in places where most of your body weight rests when you sleep. You can rotate your mattress from head to foot and rub it down to make those indentations appear less. Older mattresses have to be shifted once every two to six months, while new mattresses may be good with just a once-a-year rotation. Some mattresses are made with a firmer support core below covered with a softer comfort system. They are always meant to be used on one side, so check the flipping instructions on the mattress before you proceed.


Cleaning your Mattress

Wash the bedding, pillows, and bed sheets first. Then, vacuum the sides and center of your mattress. Make sure to vacuum at least once every six to twelve months. If there is a stain on your mattress, try using a gentle cleanser to get it off. Do not wet your mattress too much, especially if it is a memory foam mattress. If there is a stain that may smell even after getting it off, spread baking soda over the surface. Once it soaks up the smell, you can vacuum it away. Do not use dry cleaning chemicals to clean your mattress as they may damage the material.


Prevention is Always Better

To make your mattress last longer, it needs a good base as well. Larger and heavier mattresses may require you to install extra middle support on your bed. If you are going away on vacation, remove the bedding and wrap it away separately. Air out your mattress. It would prevent any odors from lingering. We know how hard it is to say no to your furry animals for wanting to snuggle in the same bed, but you must keep them away as their occasional accidents may be very hard to get off the mattress. It may completely damage a mattress too. Your mother was right. You must not jump on the bed, not only because you run the risk of hurting yourself, but also because it may damage the coils and ruin the bounce.


Maintaining your Mattress

Mattress protectors are an amazing way to prevent staining your mattress. They are an additional, usually water-proof covering sheet that is placed below the fitted sheet. Sudden spills and body fluids won’t pass on to the mattress with the mattress protector in place. Mattress protectors are usually washable, so make sure to wash them once every three months to keep your mattress in the best condition.


Too Soft or Too Firm?

There is no absolute answer to this, your mattress must be right for you. It must neither be too firm nor too soft, for your spine must be in complete alignment with the surface of the bed to prevent back pain.


Types of Mattresses

Broadly, there are five mattress types you may choose from for all intents and purposes- innerspring, hybrid, foam, airbed, and latex. To determine the best mattress for yourself, you must look at the support core and the comfort material. The price and bounce are the negotiating factors, however, nowadays some mattress types also offer temperature regulation, motion isolation, and pressure relief.


  • Innerspring mattresses have a strong coil retracting mechanism, which provides a lot of comfort for changing body postures when sleeping. It accommodates the body weight fully and distributes it evenly. However, pressure relief is lacking in innerspring mattresses, which makes them wear out easily. It is also noisier than other mattresses as the pressure on coils makes a creaking sound more often than not.
  • Every layer in foam mattresses is made of fabric, latex, or foam, hence there are no coils. Most foam mattresses also have an added layer of comfort layer made of memory foam, latex, or polyfoam, making them super comfortable. Though they provide a lot of pressure relief and help in motion isolation, they have weak edge support and retain heat.
  • Hybrid mattresses, like their name suggests, have innerspring cores with a foam comfort system. The coils are pocketed, eliminating some of the noise and making movement less perceptible to sleepers.
  • In latex mattresses, both the comfort system and the support core is made of rubber. The best feature of latex mattresses is their bounce. It also quickly retakes shape and resists heat retention.


This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. Nowadays, there are tons of other types of mattresses, made with innovative technology and materials. If you are wondering, which mattress is the best, the most popular answer is memory foam mattresses, as they are quite pocket-friendly and provide relief from back and neck pain. However, they are incredibly uncomfortable in hotter temperatures, as they are unpopular for their heat retention traits. Organic cotton mattresses are a cooling variant that is eco-friendly and sustainable.


Signing Off

Maintaining your mattress is the best way to make them last for a long time. Rotating your mattress, dusting it often, and consistently keeping it clean would not only make them more durable but would also give you a good night-s sleep. If you are looking for good quality Kapok mattresses, head over to Amouve Organic Bed and Bath Products. Free from cruelty and allergies, Kapok mattresses are made from 100% organic cotton fibers, sourced straight from the plains of southern India, which gave it the nickname, Ilavam Panju mattress. Amouve’s Kapok mattresses undergo a special tumbling process that ensures only the softest and best quality fibers go into the production of your mattress. You can also get custom-made bedsheets and mattresses from Amouve.

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