How to style your home with the Swedish concept of Lagom

Move over Hygge: Lagom is in

How to style your home with the Swedish concept of Lagom

Hitherto, most of us have just heard about the Danish concept of Hygge. However, 2017 calls for its Swedish cousin, Lagom.

Translating to ‘just the right amount’ or ‘not too much, not too little’, it is basically just what your parents preach; frugal living combined with a clean, decluttered lifestyle.

Here’s how Lagom is different. While countries like the UK, India and Japan laud longer hours at work, it is frowned upon by the Swedes. They believe it is okay to work an x number of hours a day, take a summer vacation off and enjoy their ‘fika’. The key is in maintaining a balance.

Flashing too much wealth and going over the top with a flamboyant house or fashion is a no-no. Pretty much why, this ideology is followed even indoors.

Here are the top ways style your room with Lagom:

  1. Clean, minimal style

minimalist bedroom

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Necessities are at the core of Lagom. Do away with the junk. Clean lines and just the bare minimum that is required. Think a good wooden bed (with or without a headboard), a side table with a lamp, some succulents and a rug.

  1. Sustainability

Built upon the idea of sufficiency and simplicity, Lagom is organic bedding, plants, upcycled furniture and LEDs rolled into one. One easy and inexpensive way to get a new bed is to make one out of wood pallets.

upcycled bed

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  3. Few accessories

While hygge stresses on going all out to create that perfect homey, cozy vibe, Lagom asks you to play it down. Few accessories - think a painting or tassel on the wall, a chair to keep any extras, a trunk to dump in the pillows or to serve as a breakfast table, a lampshade and an accented cushion.


Image Source: Emily Henderson

4. Colour Scheme:

Stick to whites and neutrals, be it in bedding or wall colour. Lagom insists that you keep it simple and classy, reminiscent of classic Scandinavian décor.

neutral wall colours

 Image Source: Postcards from the Ridge


Amouve bed sheet

                              Image Source: Amouve Sand bedding set

 5. Furniture:

Hand-painted furniture, distressed with unfinished edges and surfaces are truly Lagom. Think a pillow trunk or handcrafted furnishings, basically anything and everything that exudes a natural, rustic feel.


                   Image Source:

Now, what stops you from 'Lagom'ing all the way?

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