How to style your bedroom with the Greek concept of Ataraxia

The Greek concept of Ataraxia hails from scientist and philosopher, Epicurus’ philosophy. It simply means a tranquil sense of being. The main principle of Ataraxia is to be free of unnecessary desire and in turn to be free from worries. If we no longer fear anything or run after any desire, we would be free from pain. It is the art of achieving an inner tranquility by leading a pleasant and simple life. 

Happiness doesn’t require elaborate gestures or for you to indulge in extravagant things. Happiness can be found in the simplest things. Pleasure can be found in moderation and balance. Gathering knowledge, building connections, living with honor, abstaining from desires and living in balance are some of the key factors to achieve Ataraxia. The best place to start imbibing Ataraxia in your life is the bedroom. Our bedroom is our inner sanctuary where we spend the most of our time. So, decorating it in a way that fits our ideals and goals is absolutely necessary. 


Stone walls were a characteristic feature of ancient Greece. They are a perfect fit for the warmer months because of its cooling ability. Before air conditioning, the inhabitants of Greece kept themselves cool through these stone walls. Keeping in mind the heritage of stone walls, you can keep an exposed stone wall in your room. It would look pristine and classy. It is also an important tool to embrace the natural elements. It would be a perfect fit for a serene bedroom. You can also add a stone mural, near the window, that basks in the sunlight. It will enhance the ambiance of the room. 


Arguably blue and white are the most soothing colors that you can add to your room. It also represents Greece as the blue symbolizes the water and waves and the white represents the clouds. You can coat your bedroom in shades of blue and white so that it reflects the sunlight and keeps you cool. If you don’t want to re-paint your room, you can just add something blue or white to your room, like a blue vase, a white mural, some designer plates, or pristine white bedding. These are great ways to revamp your room. 

Greece Bedroom


The best way to incorporate Ataraxia in your life is to feel the raw side of your emotional nature. Incorporating more plant-based products in your bedroom not only cleanses the air in the room but also keeps you safe and helps the environment. You can go for organic cotton bedsheets that are free from synthetic additives in place of those mixed cotton ones. The organic cotton ones will also keep you cool and prevent skin allergies. 

Amouve Organic Bed Sheets


An olive branch is of significance to the Greeks as it was a symbol of peace and it was also awarded to winners in the Olympics. You can add them for a simple and effective finishing touch to your bedroom. You can either add a mat or wall hanging that has olive branches patters or you can add antique oil jars for a natural aesthetic. You can also bring in other houseplants. There is nothing like too many greens!

In today’s world, the best way to cultivate Ataraxia is to spend time with our loved ones, to take care of our health, and feeling our emotions. Today’s world may have forced us to believe that showing our emotions makes us weak and vulnerable. But, it is also very important to keep in touch with our emotions. We cannot just turn it off and pretend that we do not care. Neither can we turn a slave to our desires and ambitions. We must be aware of all our emotions and learn how to balance them. 

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