How to style your bedroom with the Finnish concept of Sisu

The Finnish concept of Sisu refers to inner strength, grit, bravery, determination and perseverance. It also gives your life purpose. You can share this Sisu with your kids. But, what exactly is this Sisu? And how should one master it? This Finnish word doesn’t have an English equivalent. So, how do we manifest something that is untranslatable? It is basically an organized approach. You stick to a decision and act accordingly. You never sway from your objectives. Sisu can also be described as a raw courage, a strong presence of mind, a certain resoluteness to face the adversity. It means to always face a problem head-on and deal with it and to never run away from it. This grim and witty courage helps an individual to keep a calm head and fight against the odds to ensure success. 

Sisu manifests itself in our lives as a plan and passion to achieve a long-term goal. Essentially, people emulate its ideals for a happy, long and prosperous life. The resilient determination to face problems directly and never giving up when the going gets tough, goes a long way in shaping our character. Your inner strength also manifests itself in your action. So, your deeds and daily living has a role to play in turning the wheels of your life. You spend a huge chunk of your day in the bedroom. So, it is important to decorate it in a way that fills you with passion, zeal and positivity.


Make sure that your room is getting a lot of sunlight. Living in a dark and bleak place isn’t the ideal way to build positivity. Open your windows whenever you are in the room. Install flowy curtains so that the air passes freely in the room. It would look more roomy and breathable. Hang a string of lights to make it look inviting.

Sisu interior decor


If you have a personal penchant for vibrant hues, you may coat your room in that shade. But, in general, muted, warm tones look more inviting and cozy. A gentle color palette looks more soothing. Throw in lots of pillows and some designer cushions to make it even more cozy. But, do not spend all your time sleeping or binging on Netflix shows in such a comfortable space! Get lots of work done but also make it a priority to be well-rested. 


Put up several posters of your favorite bands or quotes or anything that motivates you or makes you happy. You can also have a flowchart of all you want to accomplish in this life in front of you. In this way, you will be constantly aware of your goals. But, do not overdo it. Goals don’t necessarily mean money or a means to earn your livelihood You will be forever unhappy if you constantly run after money without enjoying the fleeting moments. You can have a goal to take care of some street dogs, or help an elderly lady. That doesn’t decrease the value of your goals in any way. 


Make some time to meditate or stay alone with your thoughts. It is a great recharging process. Try cultivating a more organic approach to life. Switch your ordinary bedsheets and towels to organic bed sheets and organic towels. They are free from all the synthetic additives. They are quite affordable and long lasting.  Bring in more greens in your room. House plants are a great way to decorate your room. It also adds a splash of color to your otherwise monotonous room. If you feel that taking care of plants will take up too much of your time, bring in succulents. They are pretty low maintenance. 


Most importantly, de-clutter your room. Do not let your drawers pile up with unnecessary junk. Keeping things in place will also help you find things easily. If you return home to a mess, it will make you irritated. Having a clean space will help you feel relaxed when you enter your room after a hard day at work.

When you cultivate your inner strength, you are passionate about your goals. Try to live in a healthier way. Build your physical fitness. It is a great way to boost your mind. Take on DIY projects to decorate your room. It is your safe space. Build it up in a way that depicts you and speaks to you. 

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