How to style your bedroom with the Danish concept of Lykke

Imagine yourself sipping on a hot cup of tea, wrapped up in a soft blanket, soaking up the sun on a cold winter morning. Or, chatting with your best friend over a delicious brunch on a sunny day. Or, lighting some candles, wearing cozy socks and warming your hands by the fireplace. When you imagined all of these above scenarios, a warm and fuzzy feeling must have crept up your body. This is the Danish concept of Lykke. It is a feeling of cozy contentment that fulfills your lifestyle. 

It is perceived that the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world. The secret to their happy lives has long been the topic of discussion. Their lifestyle isn’t just limited to the cozy factor. Whether it’s the relationships they cultivate or the time they spend catching up with each other, they do it whole-heartedly. They cultivate trust, kindness, empathy and unity among a community. To bring more Lykke to your life, you can start by making small changes to your bedroom. 


Coat your room with whites. You can color all of your room white with a dash of blue, brown or other warm tones somewhere. Or, paint one wall with a vibrant shade of purple or orange while keeping the other walls white. This trend is gaining popularity these days. You can also keep a vibrant vase, a rug or a wall hanging to brighten up the space subtly. Choose a white comforter and sheets for more breathability. Go for the organic cotton bed sheets that are naturally made for more goodness and purity. Incorporating more whites will play up the lighting in your room to give it a comfortable feel. 

White bedroom


There is nothing that spells more cozy than a fireplace in the bedroom. Not only does it protect your room from the chilly winds, but it also looks very cozy and inviting. You can place a stone mural, or some show pieces above it to decorate the place. Make sure that the front of the fireplace is clean. Keep a rug or a carpet nearby to lie down in front of it whenever you want. 


Sometimes beauty can be found in imperfections. A distressed wood table, or a rustic furniture may spruce up a room in a way you have never seen before. Place a rustic, imperfectly cut wooden table near your bed. It defines the room with a certain unmatched aesthetic.


Keep long, flowy curtains in front of the windows. The air passes well and cools the room. Sunlight plays in the room very well. Take on a DIY project and bunch up a string of light and hang them in small glass balls, or keep them in jars or just throw them around a shelf. It instantly brightens up the space. It also looks really warm and inviting. 


A light, breezy room with a gentle color palette, and lots of greens define the Danish aesthetic. Your bedroom should have the right balance of warm and neutral tones. Include more house plants to purify the air in your room. It can also break the color monotony in your room. If you don’t feel like being a plant mom would be too much responsibility, bring some succulents as they are low maintenance. 

We are so driven to earn a livelihood and be better than our competitors that we forget to pause and take a breath. It is an integral part of Danish culture to eat slowly and talk to their friends or family for hours when having a meal. It makes their bonds stronger. Money isn’t seen as a means to an end in itself, but a key to build a contended life. It is truly perceived that money can’t buy happiness. Of course, if you spend every waking moment finding means to earn money, you will be unhappy. But with a decent pay check, you can buy a meal with a loved one, or a ticket to a concert of your favorite band. It helps you make memories and grow as a person. And, you can’t really put a price tag on those moments. 

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