How to style your bedroom with the Chinese concept of Wu Wei

Wu Wei is the ancient Chinese or more precisely, the ancient Taoist principle of non-activity. Now, don’t go under the blanket and start a 12 hour Netflix binge. Wu Wei doesn’t mean laziness. It means to be aligned with the natural order and go with the flow. You can’t try too hard to go with the flow. It has to be felt. It can’t be forced. It has to occur naturally in its own rhythm. This lifestyle is like submitting yourself to the laws of nature and letting things go. When it has to fall in place, it will. 

A very common example to explain this lifestyle is walking. When you walk, you don’t intentionally tell yourself to lift your right foot, place it forward and then lift your lift foot. It happens automatically. Wu Wei basically tells us not to rush into anything. Following Wu Wei, we rely on the understanding of nature and act accordingly. It is the process of unifying the body and the mind. Free your mind from all the restrictions and bonds. And, just let those positive thoughts flow. Now, you may want to integrate this style of living into your life. The best place to start is your bedroom. 


The color of your walls is very crucial to maintain a balance. You cannot paint it a very bright vibrant red or black. It is better to go with light, pastel shades for your sleeping space. But, you can add some pictures or wall hangings that you find relaxing. It can be a collage of your memories that makes you feel good and motivated. You can keep any quote or any memory that empowers you from within.


Since the primary focus of Wu Wei is to let things flow, your bedroom should be airy and breathable. Chinese houses aren’t the most spacious places, but they do know how to make the most of whatever space they have. The balcony is barred in order to prevent children from falling from them. But, they do open their windows and let the air in. If you live in a dingy and musty space, it will hamper your thinking. Don’t have many cupboards or wall racks to obstruct your movement within the room. It must be a flowy space without obstruction. If you are working near a window, and the cool breeze is flowing in, it is bound to increase your productivity. However, just don’t stare at those crows!

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Another common practice is keeping potted plants in the room. More greens mean more oxygen. The increasing oxygen level means more food for your brain. Watering them daily and taking care of them is also a good stimulation for the mind. It is like a routine. It will bring stability in your life. 


Having a clean bedroom is really important. Try to use a natural room freshener made of lavender or rose water to get rid of dampness. Use naturally made organic bed sheets that have zero synthetic and chemical additives. Opt for king size bed sheets online to ensure they fit your king bed. Wash them once or twice a week. Also opt for luxury bath towels that give a spa feel at home. If you have trouble falling asleep, try rubbing some lavender oil on your pillow, or wrist. It really calms those frazzled nerves and helps you to fall asleep. 

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You can choose any solid wooden flooring or granite or ceramic tiles to lay in your bedroom. It must be easy to maintain. Keep a rug near the bedroom door. It is very welcoming. Place a big, soft and plush carpet for you to walk upon. It is really comforting when you wake up and sink your feet into a floor of softness rather than hard, old granite.  

Wu Wei is not merely a thinking process; it is a way of life. It helps you to do things with a clear mindset. Since, you are constantly not harping on your worries, your mind clears. You can put that energy to use in the actual task. So, integrate all these tips in your life, and live life the Wu Wei way!

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