How to keep your bed sheets and towels odour-free this monsoon

Monsoon is here. With it comes the cool air that induces sleep but also its fair share of concerns: Monsoon brings with itself mold, mildew, dampness and odour. 

Here are ways to keep your bed sheets and towels odour-free:

1. Burn Camphor to remove the smell from the room

Camphor often used in homes for religious purpose, plays a great role in getting rid of fungal infestation and smell. Simply light a few pieces of Camphor in each bedroom and close the windows so the fumigation stays in for about 15 minutes. This ensures you have a bedroom that is mold-free and one which smells great. 

2. Use baking soda to wash towels

Wash your bed linen and bath towels by adding one tablespoon of baking soda. Baking soda is known to have various properties including removing stains, odour and softening the fabric. 

3. Iron your bed sheets

Ironing helps remove the mildew and odour since the heat works magic on your bed sheets and towels. 

4. Use dryer balls for your bed linen 

A good of reducing the drying time in washing machines is by using woolen ‘dryer balls’. Dryer Balls are to be put in your washing machine to keep your bed and bath linen untangled. This helps in quick drying and therefore keeps the bad smell away. 

Add a few drops of essential oils to make your linen fragrant and smelling fresh. 

5. Use Silica to store them 

Silica packets are great to absorb any humidity in the air. Whenever you store your towels and bed sheets, ensure you put them with a few silica packets to keep them dry and damp-free.

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