How to deck up your room with the Pantone shade of the year 2021?


This past year has been the year of staying at home, physically distancing from every one, and sanitizing every little while. Since we have spent most of our time in our houses, and should continue to do so for the near future, we could give our rooms the makeover that they so desperately need. Pantone Ultimate Gray (grey) and Pantone Illuminating (bright yellow) have been chosen as the trendy, noteworthy colors of this season. The Pantone color of the upcoming year signifies “a marriage of color conveys a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.” And, rightly so, they capture the bubbling warmth and light heartedness that many have missed the past year. It perfectly lines up with the Instagram hashtags of cottage core, and witchy, academia core, as they have been making the rounds these past few months. The bright yellow would heartily complement the seemingly dismal grey tones. 


The best way to incorporate these two magical colors into a room would be to paint the walls grey or yellow. The walls could be filled with a bright yellow with streaks of grey. Nowadays, the trend of painting a single wall in a bright tone and keeping the others minimal for optimum effect is taking the stage. Yellow and grey would perfectly pair with each other. If you are willing to splurge a bit, you could paint a wall in textured tones. You could also hang a long wall-hanging, or a painting to liven your room. 

Interior accessories

Another way of sprucing up a minimal, grey toned room, would be to add a bright yellow comforter, duvet, or a bedsheet. You could add a floral grey or yellow rug to bring some element in the minimalistic design. However, you have to be wary of cluttering your room with way too many trinkets. You could paint plant pots and keep your jewellery and trinkets, or electronic goods in yellow bowls, or cases. It is a fun way to bring some color to your room. You could bring a grey elongated sofa and pile some yellow cushions on them. You could install a yellow roped macramé swing, or wall hanging in your room. Adding comfortable yellow bean bags, or a large reading chair would spruce up any dull area. 


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DIY Innovations

You could get innovative with your old clothes and curtains. You could tie-dye them and use them as new colorful curtains. It would brighten your room and add a personal touch. It would also keep you busy amidst such tedious days. You could add yellow sun beams to an ordinary mirror, if the wall is grey. This would be an innovative way to add some bright elements in your room.  You could knot a macramé in your house. It would be a fun way to pass time as well as include a personal creation in your room. Also, you could try being a plant mom in this pandemic. There is nothing quite as fulfilling as regularly caring for a plant at a given time, as we lose track of time and days amidst the monotonousness. 

There have been many individuals who have felt that this lockdown had left an emotional scar on them. Obviously, the lack of human touch, and the constant worry of the Coronavirus, and the dismal state of public management, had nagged in the mind of every individual. Hence, it is the perfect time to turn our homes into a cozy nook, and try to make the best of our situations in the meantime.

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