How to create a minimalist bedroom

Do you have sufficient space to walk around in your bedroom? Is it cluttered that your toe regularly kisses the lower poles of every piece of furniture? Take a good long look around your room. Surely, you can do without two clothing cupboards. You could work on your designated study space, instead of cluttering your bed, or if you feel you are at your maximum productivity on the bed, please invest in a folding table. You could bring in integrated furniture sets that are multipurpose and sustainable, instead of hoarding things. Take a step towards healthy, sustainable living by decluttering and choosing the right bedding for you

Minimalism is not just cleaning your room. It is an act of restraint. It is choosing what is necessary to keep in the room, and donating the rest. Instead of leaving your run-down sofa at a garbage dump, please consider donating your workable sofa to the less fortunate. The available space, the light in your bedroom, and the kind of furniture you choose would determine the effectiveness of your minimalist bedroom decor

  • Minimal color palette
  • Minimalism focuses on one or maximum two toned bedrooms. You could pick either bright or soft tones. However, we recommend beige, browns, and whites, as they would allow light to run in abundance in your room. 

  • Light, airy bedding
  • Minimalism focuses on the bare minimum necessities in your room. The primary goal is to make your safe sanctuary a breathable space to reside in. Do you know your bedding could be the reason your room appears stuffy? Ordinary bedding allows a lot of dust to trap inside. Replace your ordinary bedding with organic cotton bed sheets to notice a difference. They are sustainable and use much less water during production.They allow more air to play, hence creating an abundance of light in your bedroom. 


  • Highlight or choose a single focal point
  • Please do not go overboard with placing lamps and rugs in every corner. Choose a portion of your bedroom to decorate, and leave the rest bare. It would give you room to walk around, and would give the decorated place more importance. 

  • Textured walls and flat surfaces
  • Minimalism does not mean all-white, boring, decor. You could bring in your quirky side by texturing one wall of your room. And, choose furniture with less curves and has a flat surface to give it a sleek finish. 

  • House objects as accessories
  • You do not have to invest in extra accessories. One of the best perks of a minimalistic room decor is the money you save on unnecessary clutter. You could use that money to invest in quality sustainable bedding. You could use printed, patterned, or flowery sheets as a room decor. Luxury bedding India has so many covetable printed cotton bed sheets for you to turn heads with. Use colorful cushions as accessories too. 

  • Restrained patterns in your layout 
  • Do not infuse textured walls with printed cushions or bedding. Use prints only with a monochrome wall to prevent it from looking cluttered. 

  • Bring in the jungle!
  • After you have set up your minimalistic heaven, switched to sustainable organic bedding, buy some potted plants to place around your room. Choose smaller plants to place near the windowsill, or hand from the ceiling. Turn your minimalistic heaven into a tiny jungle of goodness. 

    Since, you would have stripped your room of all the unnecessary clutter and kept only the bare minimum, it would naturally look cleaner, and allow more light to play in your room. This style is functional and breathable. Bring out your inner Marie Kondo out and embrace the minimalist life. Keep only the best things that bring you joy. Choose healthy with organic cotton bedding and happiness with minimalist bedroom decor.  

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