How to create a jungle vibe in your bedroom

When was the last time you felt you'd been caught in a city surrounded by concrete walls? In all likelihood, pretty often. 

Reason why, you need to set up a jungle theme in your bedroom. Here are easy ways to do that.

1. Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood is your best bet to create a perfectly sustainable vibe. Old world charm meets sustainable chic. Using timber is a great alternative to any other wood sine it balances the quality of indoor and outdoor air well. 


2. Stone and mud plastered walls 

Stone takes the numero uno spot if you wish to do up your walls to reflect an earthy vibe. Stone acts as a natural insulator and keeps the bedroom cool in summers, as seen in this bedroom at Kanha Earth Lodge


3. Wall art

Adorn your walls with some tribal art sculptures, like Warli paintings and frames of wildlife. 


4. Bedding

Opt for organic white bed sheets that give you a cool, calm feel. You can always deck them up with an organic quilt or a dohar for a fusion look. 


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