How to choose between comforters, blankets, quilts and dohars

As the temperature across the country begins to drop, we are all eager to snuggle in our comfortable blanket, accompanied by some hot cocoa. Whether you buy wool blankets, quilts, cotton dohar blankets or comforters mainly depends on temperature. But should you buy a quilt or dohar? What is the difference between a blanket and a comforter? Here’s all you need to know.

What is the basic difference?


The quilt consists of three layers of fabric quilted or sewn together. Ordinary quilts have a decorative woven fabric top, cotton (or fill), and backing. Traditionally, the top layer is a decorative pattern made from different fabrics. 


The Dohar quilt, mainly the Indian version, is a thin cover traditionally made of three layers of cotton muslin sewn together. The beautiful hand-printed organic cotton dohars are very popular in India. 


A blanket is a thick woven cloth, usually made of organic cotton or wool. Blankets usually have only one layer of material. Wrapped in organic cotton blankets, you will enjoy its cozy snag feeling whilst knowing that you're sleeping comfy in the most breathable fabric.


 It is made of two layers of decorative fabric stitched on four sides, duvet or fiber-filled duvet. They are usually stitched to ensure filling and to ensure even distribution. Sewing is more functional than decorative, like a quilt. 

How to choose the right bed covers?


The most important factor when choosing a bed cover is the warmth it provides. Wool quilts, duvets, and blankets are best suited for cold weather because they provide the best thermal insulation. For the duvets, you can choose a thicker duvet cover to add more warmth. In colder climates, lighter blankets and comforters may be necessary, but they are perfect for mild winters. Lighter dohars can be used even in the warm months for those who like to cover up when using the air conditioner. 

Main additional points for summer and winter:


When changing bedding when the temperature is rising, each item should be light and breathable enough to provide a comfortable sleeping environment. 

Fabric: Organic cotton pillowcases and organic cotton blankets are ideal for summer. The first is machine washable and breathable; the latter regulates the temperature of the skin and makes it feel cool. Both are soft to the touch and hypoallergenic, so you can fully enjoy your sleep. In terms of pillow materials, kapok (silk cotton) pillows have a lower density than cotton, so it is lighter and more breathable on warm nights. 

Color: To make your bed look new in the summer, choose a clear bed cover in bright, cheerful colors like white, light green, sky blue, or sunny yellow. They absorb less heat during the day than dark ones, so they will be cooler at night.


When a cold wind blows, it is less than zero, it is nice to hide in bed under the rain. Therefore, this season is when you try your bed item so you have to have most of your support. 

Fabric: Fleece, soft flannel, heavy cotton is the best material for the cover. The coverage of the bed is the best of the wool flow film from AlPaca and Goose. The hollow structures in the center of AlPaca make a pure fiber that adjusts the heat higher than the hair of the sheep.  

Colors: Decorate this winter with a dark color like Holiberley, Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue, Stark Black. These dark tones absorb the heat to help you keep it comfortably at night. 

Layer: Add a layer to the bed, one made of a signature blanket to your bedsheet to raise your level of comfort.  

The waffle signature blanket is used for all four reasons:

The best way to cover yourself up all year through is with organic waffle blankets which are a perfect alternative to duvets and comforters. With the soft four-season waffle weave, signature blankets are just the right weight and don't heat or sweat. The waffle blankets as their name suggests are sumptuously soft. They're springy, without the added extra weight that may come with a duvet. They're your best bet all year through and can even double up as a bedspread. Whether you’re snuggling up with a loved one or relaxing with your favorite book, a comfy blanket can go a long way in helping you ease stress. The proprietary weave gives your body the right amount of coziness whilst not trapping heat. While weighted blankets are the new trend and can only be used seasonally, signature blankets can garner a place in your bedroom all year through.

Like your clothing, your bedding should change with the seasons to meet your functional and aesthetic requirements. Combining suitable fabrics, colors, and layers, change your bedding seasonally to create the most comfortable and charming bedroom.

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