Fitted Bedsheets: The Lazy Guide to Making Your Bed Every Morning

Tired of crumpled bed sheets? Does it feel like no matter how many times you smooth out your bed sheets, they go back to being a heaping mess? If you work on your bed, chances are that they get tussled much more. Fitted bed sheets are one of the best and easy ways to deal with morning bed sheets. They are also known as elastic bed sheets because they come with a sewn elastic all around it to keep the mattress firm and fit. 

If you have not yet stepped onto the fitted bed sheets wagon, it is high time that you give them a try. These bed fitting sheets also come in different styles and colors hence, they can also be styled as a bedspread. You may even skip the flat bed sheet and just place a comforter on top of the fitted bed sheet. However, if you are loyal to flat bed sheets, fitted bed sheets would still act as a barrier between you and the mattress. 

Why Fitted Bed Sheets?

Fitted bed sheets are a boon for lazy people. Bed fitting sheets make making your bed in the morning ten times easier. To achieve the perfect look, you do not have to smooth out any crumpled side ten times over. Just throw over a bedspread or a couple of pillows over your King size fitted bed sheet to make your bed presentable and go about your day. Fitted bed sheets also protect your mattress. Sweat, dirt, grime, and hair oils tend to damage your mattress faster. Elastic bed sheets create a barrier between your body and the mattress, making them last twice as long. 

What is the Difference Between Flat and Fitted Bed Sheets?

Many prefer placing a flat bed sheet over a fitted bed sheet. Each has its own purpose. A king-size flat bed sheet is rectangular and is usually placed on top. Fitted bed sheets have elastic on all sides and are snugly wrapped around a mattress. A crucial factor that you must keep in mind when choosing bed-fitting sheets is that the elastic must snugly fit the mattress. If the fitted bed sheets are too small or too large, they won’t serve their purpose. Mind the size of your mattress and take proper measurements before you choose your King size fitted bed sheet. 

Why Organic Cotton Bedsheets are Your Best Bet

It is no secret that organic bed sheets are better than ordinary bed sheets, but many do not choose organic bedding because they deem it to be too expensive or not easily available in department stores. Organic cotton is free from artificial additives and industrial dyes. They are better for your skin and for the environment in the long run. Nowadays, many stores offer organic products and you can also find them online. 

Amouve Organic Bed and Bath Products, one of India’s leading organic cotton brands have a fantastic collection of printed and plain fitted bed sheets. Their organic cotton double bed sheets are made with a 300 thread count, making them soft and durable. The continuous elastic hem of Amouve’s fitted bed sheets can fit on mattresses up to 10 inches deep. Amouve’s uniqueness lies in the fact that they promote ethical practices. As of 2022, Amouve has provided employment to many organic cotton artisans, kept 860 farmers out of debt, and saved 9952417 gallons of water. 

Signing Off

One of the best parts about a fitted bed sheet is that it could be used simply as a flat sheet. You do not need to cover it with another bed sheet. Ami Sata, Amouve’s founder says, “Our king-size fitted bed sheet would save you the time and hassle of tucking away the excess fabric. Both a flat and fitted bed sheet would be an ideal combination. However, in hotter temperatures, only a fitted bed sheet would work.” If you do not find the perfect fitted bed sheet as per your mattress size, try folding the corners of your flat sheet and tucking them under your mattress. Place another flat sheet over it to make a proper bed. 


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