Embrace sustainable living with the best bedsheet brand in India

Our planet needs us now more than ever. You will have come across articles and news reports stating that the global Earth temperature has increased significantly, around 1.2 degrees since pre-industrialization times. Global warming is showing signs in several countries. We are seeing unprecedented forest fires, incessant rain at unexpected times, and extreme temperature conditions. It is the need of the hour to embrace the best bed sheet brand in India to ensure healthy living conditions for our future generation and opt for soft blankets made from organic cotton and bath towels too. Sustainable living ensures ethical distribution of resources that would be accessible by all. 

Small changes are embellished over time. You could make small shifts in your daily lifestyle that would help the planet and ensure sustenance for all. Start small. It would make a big difference over time. Only you changing for the better would not fix things right away. However, you can lead the change. Spread awareness on climate change, lack of resources, effects of pollution, plastic usage, and global warming among your peers, family, colleagues, and community to further the cause of sustainability and eco-friendly living

  • Plant more trees
  • It is a kind of no-brainer. The biggest way to decrease carbon footprint is to plant as many trees as possible. You could do your part by getting a small bonsai or vegetable plant from the local vendor. Caring for a plant would also bring some regularity and routine into your monotonous pandemic life.  

  • Minimize Plastic Usage
  • Use paper bags in favor of plastic bottles. Instead of buying a plastic cold drink bottle back home, please consider buying a glass bottle and drinking it in a stall, while chatting with your friends. Do not buy shampoo or conditioner bottles. Despite what the packaging says, they contribute to plastic waste generation. Buy organic shampoo or conditioner bars. 

  • Thrift shopping
  • Upcycling, reselling, and reusing clothes could possibly be the best thing you could do to save resources. The amount of chemical waste the fast fashion industries generate is unimaginable. Also, these industries are usually located near a river to access water and dump their wastes in the river. It need not be elaborated how these industries waste unnecessary water and pollute the remaining few drinkable water bodies. Please do your part by thrift shopping. You will get a variety of options. Also, we hear that retro glamor is back in style! 

  • Grow some vegetables and compost
  • You may consider switching to organic whole wheat bread, or organic vegetables, not only for the sake of the environment, but also for your health. Most ordinary vegetables sold in departmental stores are plastic packaged and injected with harmful pesticides at the time of production. Save your health by switching to organic vegetables, or grow your own in your backyard. Trust us, the feeling of growing your own little patch of juicy, red, tomatoes rivals no other. Use the leftover vegetable peels and skins to make your compost. It is an excellent organic fertilizer. 

  • Choose organic cotton bedding 
  • Ordinary cotton consumes much more water at the time of production than organic cotton. Turkish bath towels, or soft blankets, you do the environment and yourselves a big favor. These bedding also lasts much longer, around 12 washes more than ordinary cotton bedding. Also, it does not hurt that these are the softest to touch and use. Get the above from the best bed sheet brand in India.

  • Use public transport or mind your driving
  • Please turn off your engine at traffic signals, or use more public transport when commuting. Use local trains and metros to lessen air pollution and emission of greenhouse gases. These gases are responsible for heating the Earth. These gases are trapped in the atmosphere, unable to escape, depleting the ozone layer, and exposing our planet to harmful UV sun rays. When you use public transport, you lessen their emissions by a considerable amount. 

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