Easy ways to make your bedroom look cozy and dreamy

All-natural sheets

Early nights and long lie-ins couldn’t get any better. All-natural super-soft organic cotton sheets in Navy from Amouve make hitting the sack a dreamy affair. What's more, adding an all-weather handcrafted quilt just seals the deal.


Vintage carpets

A vintage carpet totally changes the look of your room. Heritage embodied in functionality, carpets are an easy way to add charm to your room.

Rustic headboards

Talk weathered wood in planks. And voila! You have a lovely looking headboard that is a total eye-pleaser!


Accent cushions

Throw in some colour accent with quirky pillows. Abstract designs or heartfelt words, take your pick to revitalize your bedroom.


Bedroom Plants

Plant the green on your bedroom window to always keep it fresh. In particular, Snake plants work best for the room since they are inexpensive and low-maintenance. Most importantly, they convert CO2 into oxygen at night. 


Wall Décor

Time to bring out your travel souvenirs! Mount up ceramic plates, wall clocks from different countries or era or simply organise a few photo frames to let your walls speak for themselves.



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