Cotton bedsheets with floral prints in India

Think super soft, organic cotton bedsheets with the classiest floral prints. 

As a matter of fact, floral designs for bedsheets are always much preferred, for various reasons. Firstly, floral prints are always in trend, no matter the hour or season.

Secondly, they lend a soothing tropical vibe to your room and help calm your senses. 

Thirdly, they go well with any sort of bedroom decor. In this case, choose bedroom decor that is minimal and without prints. It pairs well with the printed floral cotton bedsheets being the centre of focus.

Reason why Amouve provides its customers with a lot of floral prints for bedsheets. 

The best part, these bed sheets online are handprinted by master craftsmen through an extensive process of making the colour and applying on the fabric through a screen. 

Amouve cotton bedsheets online

There's ample reason to buy organic cotton bedsheets over synthetic or normal cotton ones.

Organic cotton bedding sheets online are free of chemicals like azo, which is a heavy metal found in textiles. These also feel very soft and get softer with each wash.

Synthetic sheets on the other hand trap heat and make you sweat. They also contain volatile organic compounds and aren't safe. 


bed sheets online from Amouve

As an aware consumer, one should know what works best. In the long run, the more natural and organic lifestyle you adopt, the better for you and your loved ones, be it with food, sleep or even bathing. 



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