7 reasons why organic cotton bedding should be your go-to choice

Want the comfort of a five-star luxury hotel at home? Safest and Softest. Cotton bedding is the answer to every one of your sleep woes. This is why they are used everywhere. For several years, cotton has remained the central piece in almost every bedroom around the world, and rightfully so, for their benefits are innumerable. When we are selecting double cotton bed sheets for the bedroom, we also have to look into the style. But, trust us, do not override comfort in favor of looks. Lucky for us, cotton bed sheets king size are available in a wide variety of prints and colors. You could place a lace bed sheet over a simple double cotton bed sheet or include some satin pillows over your bed rest to make your bedroom look better. 

Organic Cotton: The Undisputed King of Bedding

  • Summer-friendly 
  • Cotton double bed sheets are popular for their breathability. The loosely spun cotton with a single weave has open pores to let air pass freely. A decent thread count of 300 is the ideal choice for cotton bed sheets, which gives them room to breathe. Cotton also absorbs more sweat than other fabrics, making them ideal for tropical weather. 


  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Cotton bedsheets are the best choice for sensitive skin folks and children because of their softness. Cotton bedsheets that are infused with zinc are also anti-microbial. Amouve also offers a special pillow that is infused with neem and keeps away skin diseases. Cotton double bed sheets are known for being gentle on the skin and keeping away allergies, also making them ideal for hot temperatures. 

  • Durability
  • During the pandemic, haven’t we realized the importance of investing in durable cotton bed sheets what with the intense washing spree wearing away half of our collection? Cotton is a flat fabric that does not need mixed blends to be made into fabric, making them easy to care for. Cotton bed sheets last for a long time and are a bang for the buck. Invest in one right now and maybe it will last you until the next virus wave (or not!)

  • Eco-friendly
  • Cotton fibers are a plant-based fabric, naturally derived from trees and spun by artisans, and are more eco-friendly than their rayon and nylon counterparts. There are other types of cotton like Egyptian cotton and Hygro cotton bed sheets and towels that are equally softer and better for the environment. 

  • Low Maintenance
  • Cotton bedsheets require no special maintenance, making them wildly popular with the present-day busy folk. You could just throw them in a washer and toss them out to dry. To keep cotton sheets fresh and fragrant, dip them in a baking soda, vinegar, or lemon solution-the holy trinity of natural detergents. 


  • Soft to Touch 
  • Pure cotton, especially the ones used in Amouve Organic Bed and Bath Products, is free from any other mixed fabrics, making them softer and more long-lasting. Organic cotton bed sheets are softer than ordinary cotton bed sheets because they are kept free from harmful industrial chemicals from the time of production. 

  • Multipurpose Goodness
  • Cotton is not just used to make bed sheets. But, it is a fabric that lends itself to mattresses, pillows, and also blankets, making each of them summer-friendly. Natural silk cotton, also known as Ilavam Panju, derived from the southern plains of India is used to make Kapok mattresses and Kapok pillows. They maintain an equal balance of firmness and softness, making sure that your spine is aligned with the bed, and relieving you of muscle aches. Dohar blankets are a type of cotton blanket that is made by sandwiching a layer of organic cotton between two muslin cotton cloths. They are a popular choice in humid temperatures for their breathability and softness. 

    To Note

    Cotton tends to shrink after washing so keep that in mind when you buy cotton bedsheets. Buy a slightly bigger size than your mattress so that, when the tension infused in cotton during the production process is released and the material shrinks, it is of the perfect size for your bed. Since it is a cellulose-based fabric, cotton also tends to wrinkle with use. Iron the cotton double bed sheets for a more pristine and clean-looking bedroom. 

    Thread Count of Cotton Bed Sheets

    There is a common perception that the higher the thread count for bedsheets, the better is its quality and softness. However, that is an outdated perception. Have you wondered how hotels afford such good quality bedding, especially their bedsheets that undergo so much washing and use? It is because they use a lower thread count cotton bed sheet. 

    Most ordinary bedding companies spin together multiple threads to ensure a higher thread count that goes up to 700 or 800 at times, but it may not always be the most comfortable option for you. Multiple threads spun together may bring down the softness of the fabric. Some manufacturers also split a yarn into two to increase the number of threads, but these cotton bed sheets are not always the best choice for you. A thread count 300 is an ideal number that indicates softness as well as durability. 

    Organic Cotton Going the Extra Mile

    If you are already enamored with cotton, organic cotton would most definitely steal your breath away. Cotton is a natural fabric, but nowadays manufacturers have begun to infuse artificial chemicals in the production process. If you choose organic cotton double bed sheets, you would ensure a safer future for yourself. Organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals and industrial dyes. Amouve Organic Bed and Bath Products, one of India’s best organic bedding brands use long staple cotton with a single ply yarn for its bedsheets. The natural cotton fibers, free from harmful substances are one of Amouve’s best-kept secrets for their softest bedding and towel products. Organic cotton bed sheets consume fewer natural resources and generate minimal waste. They are more skin-friendly and better for the environment than ordinary double cotton bed sheets. 


    It is rumored that organic bed sheets cost a fortune. But, that is nothing more than a myth.  Amouve's bedding is at a small premium than ordinary cotton but only because of the quality and hard labor that artisans put in to manufacture them.  

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