5 ways to style your bedroom for fall

5 ways to style your bedroom for fall

A time of rustic colours, lots of hygge-like atmosphere and even greater opportunities to make your bedroom comfortable and stylish at the same time.

  1. Cozy sheets

Think lots of Sateen and flannel. Truth be told that Sateen is perfect for cooler climes. Flannel too gives a blanket-y feel, making getting out of bed a serious chore.


Check out these cosy, super-soft organic bed sheets, all woven in single-ply, 300 TC sateen to lend you the slumber of a lifetime.


  1. Cushions

Cushions in wool and linen work perfectly for autumn-fall. Check for grey, beige or camel. Combine them with cuddly-soft white or sand coloured sheets.

                                                             PC: Amouve


                                                    PC:  Dailydreamdecor


  1. Throws

A good throw not only alleviates the look of your bed but is also a warmer during those tingly chilly nights. Get in one of those knit or waffle throws (maybe with a pet) and go have a good sleep.


                                                     PC: diyeverywhere


  1. Candles

What’s fall without some candle addition? Opt for glass or better still birch bark candles. All rustic, all natural and all amazing.

                                                  PC: Nordic House


5. Mirrors:

What’s fall without some rustic wood mirrors to deck up your room? Choose wall mounted for accents or long rectangular mirrors to brighten up or make the space look larger.


                                                 PC: Ezra Lee Design


                                              PC: Easywood Project



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