5 Things you should look for before buying a pillow

Things to look for before buying a pillow:

Choosing the perfect pillow for a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be a huge pocket pinch or a pain in the neck, even literally. It may seem that the bedding is the key factor in providing comfort. But, it is the pillow that supports your head while you sleep. Choosing the right pillow will give your body the correct alignment and relieve back pain and sore muscles. Buying a pillow is no simple task. There is a wide variety of pillows available. You must consider your sleeping position, the pillow fill, the thickness of your mattress before choosing one. It may seem daunting at first, but we are here to guide you step by step. 


If you start having increased back pain or sore muscles, it may be time to change your current pillows. You will notice lumps in your pillow. The best way to check is to fold your pillow in half. If it stays soggy and bent in half, it is high time that you change them. 


The thickness of your pillow depends on the kind of mattress you use. You shouldn’t use a mattress that is too thick or too soft. It must be comfortable enough for you to lie down and not sink inside it completely. A pocketed spring mattress in combination with other materials could be ideal. It should have a bouncy feel. The softer your mattress is, the thinner your pillow should be. Your spine will be in a straight aligned position when your neck is held up by a thin, fluffy pillow on a soft mattress. 


Pocketed Spring Mattress India


You must choose a pillow that complements your sleeping position. If you sleep sideways, you need a medium density pillow with a little extra support that will hold your neck and keep your spine in a neutral position. If you sleep on your back, you must choose a pillow that fllls up the gap between your neck and shoulders. The Neem Organic Pillow, could be a good alternative for you. It is Neem infused. Neem as we know is anti-bacterial and possesses several benefits. It also improves air circulation. 

If you sleep on your stomach, low- density, thin, soft pillows are your must-haves. It will keep your body aligned without stressing your neck. 

Side Sleeper




Even though little cushions may look really tempting to put on your bed, they won’t offer the comfort you seek. So, try to choose a slightly bigger and softer pillow. A standard pillow size is 18 inches by 27 inches in India. You can also choose a king size or a queen size pillow that are bigger, like in the USA or UK. Keep in mind your bed size while choosing. Memory foam and foam help your body relieve its pressure points while it easily adapts to give you immense comfort. Down pillows are hypoallergenic and cost effective. Polyester and cotton pillows are pocket friendly alternatives. Yet, they need to be replaced more often.


Don’t be shy to check your pillows at the store thoroughly. You can prod and squeeze them. Check the firmness and the density of the pillow. Be picky about them. You can even lie down on a mattress with some pillows to pick the best. Remember that your comfort matters the most and you will be spending quite a few bucks to buy that pillow, so, check your pillows nicely. 


You should choose a pillow that will help you breathe easy at night. Cotton, polyester, shredded foam are the most common pillow fills that allow air to pass through. You must keep in mind that the denser the film would be, the less air would pass through. The Orthocool Gel Memory Foam Pillow is a great choice for those who want a reliable pillow with a cooling gel effect. Organic Kapok Pillow is a fantastic alternative choice from all the chemical infused pillows. It is airy and cool.

Amouve Organic Kapok Pillow


You must wash your pillows every four to six months. You should cover your pillow with a cloth and then use it to keep them tidier than usual. If some pillow fill or cloth material has to be dry-cleaned, it will be mentioned on the care label. Washing and drying instructions will be mentioned too. 

Everything said and done, you are the best judge of which pillow gives you comfort. Try out other special leg pillows, or side pillows, that may give you some added comfort. Even if you don’t feel like stepping inside a store, you can buy pillows online.

Organic Pillows in India from Amouve focus on providing the best soothing, airy, and breathable pillows to you. They are made organically without the infusion of harmful chemicals. 

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