5 easy ways to upgrade your bathroom

Let’s all face it folks. We spend an average of 9 minutes in the shower, approximating a year and 7 months in our lifetime.

While eating, sleeping and working out get their due attention, seldom do we think about the corner we start and end our days with – the ubiquitous bathroom.

Here are simple yet effective ways to give your bathroom the much needed upgrade.

  1. Upgrade to organic, super-soft bath towels

Upgrading your bath towel is the surest way to bring in luxury in your bathroom. It is time to invest in a towel that is not just plushier, but also one that is devoid of harmful chemicals.

Amouve’s proprietary weaved bath towels are not just bigger than conventional ones available but are also high on absorbency and last much longer. More over unlike the usual towels, these get softer with each wash.


  1. Accessorize right

Think the little pieces in the bathroom. Soap trays, Shower knobs, Door Knobs, Toothbrush holders and the like. Do away with plastic in entirety.

 15 diy toothbrush holders

  1. Bring in some coastal bathroom curtains

A good way to bring in some coastal vibe is to bring in curtains that reflect the sea. Talk stripes, seahorses and a casual, nautical, relaxed beachy vibe.

A good curtain helps ease the vibe in the bathroom. Think longer showers, more laziness in tubs and great upliftment to your mood.


  1. Invest in good washcloths and face towels

How many times do you enter the bathroom to simply wash your face? Or how many times have you seen that pimple erupt and regretted that you should have taken better care of your skin? Countless, right! Reason why Amouve is making things easier for you with face cloths that you can stock in your bathroom (hey, because washing your face 4 times a day is a must) and carry your own travel towel with you wherever you go.

Sized at 13 x 13 inches, these indeed are bigger and softer than any.


  1. Give it the spa treatment

Throw in some life-breathing houseplants that are great are giving out more oxygen than the others (Snake Plant, people). Apart from adding some leafy greens, put in a diffuser that makes your bathroom smell fresh all day long. Lavender, lemon grass and fruity notes make for great diffusers.


I like the idea of both a waterfall shower head and one on the wall too

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