The Best Towel Sets for Couples

Indulge in a dreamy spa with the best bathing towels from the best towel brands in India.

Every year, on Valentine’s day, there is an overwhelming pressure to give the best gift to your partner. Do you take them on an extravagant candle-light dinner? Or, do you prefer to go on a long drive? Take a page from our book. Indulge in a dreamy, luxurious, massage therapy with the plushiest bathing towels. What about gifts? Instead of splurging on mugs and cards, how about gifting them goodness and sustainability? Helping them make healthier choices?

His and her towel sets for couples are in vogue this season. Bath towels as presents are quite underrated, practical, and romantic. And, it is always a good idea to have two standard-sized, bath towels for two grown adults. You could soak up in a spa with a bathing towel or maybe do the Tiktok Towel Untangle Challenge. Think out of the box and surprise your partner. The best towel brands in India have couple sets for towels in multitudes of shades on their online websites. Try to get your hands on some towel sets for couples, as our sources say they are running out really fast.

Wrap your Love in Goodness

How do you gift wellness? Cultivating wellness is about making healthier choices. As we choose multigrain breads in favor of flour ones, let us also take a look at what we are consuming and where it is coming from. It is not just us, but almost every skincare specialist would recommend using organic bath towels. You would probably be surprised but many towel brands dip their bath towels in fabric softeners to make them appear fluffier. Softeners coat the cotton fibers and feel harsh on the skin after a few washes. Once the softener wears off, the cotton loops may also unravel.

Towels come in intimate contact with our skin. It could be the potential carrier of skin rashes and infections. Organic bath towels could be your savior. Let us examine the reasons why you should choose organic couple towel sets this Valentine’s Day.


  • Organic bathing towels are manufactured without any artificial add-ons like softeners, silicones, or harmful chemicals. The cotton is derived straight from the planters. Amouve, one of India’s leading manufacturers of organic bath towels, use Kapok cotton fibers, sourced from the southern plains of India.
  • Another benefit of using organic bathing towels is that they are breathable and fluffy. The high quality, long staple cotton used in manufacturing lends these organic bath towels high absorpency and anti-microbial qualities. Ensure that you dry your towels properly to prevent accumulation of wet bacteria and mold.
  • The higher the GSM (Gram per square metre), the better the quality and softness of the towel. GSM is to towels what thread count is to bedsheets. It refers to a higher count of loops in the towel. Most organic bath towels have a higher GSM count, making them the plushiest and softest bathing towels.


How to Wash Bathing Towels

Always wash your towels in hot water.  After a wash, take them out and shake them before putting them in the dryer. Avoid using harsh detergents, as they erode the loop density of a towel. You can use baking soda to wash cotton bath towels. Also, as mentioned before, you do not want to inhale the toxic fabric softeners and silicones that most ordinary towel companies dye towels with to give them a fluffier appearance.


Organic bath towels reign supreme as the natural fibers are left alone, with no additions of dyes, chemicals, or softeners. Avoid dipping your bathing towels in chlorine bleach. The protein may leave yellow stains. Use 1/4th cup of distilled vinegar instead of bleach to refresh your towels. You can also use hydrogen peroxide to wash your white towels. Spread your towels on a line. Hanging them or drying them would ruin their quality and cause clumping.


Product  Recommendations

There are a bunch of organic towel options available in the market. Many offer couple towel sets. But, how to choose the best towel sets for couples?  Amouve is India’s leading organic bed and bath products manufacturer. Ami Sata, Founder of Amouve says, “Often, people do not care about the towels they use and it is very concerning. Towels are constantly in contact with your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you must take a look at the kind of towels you are using.”

Amouve bath towels are made from long-staple cotton with a single-ply yarn, making them highly absorbent. They have always made consistent efforts to craft bath towels, hand towels, and face washcloths sustainably. Every thread is finely inspected and has been GOTS certified. Amouve went a step ahead. Not only do they source cotton directly from the farmers, but they also save gallons of water in production.


Avail of their combinations of bath towels on their official website.

  • Bath towel set of 6: This towel set for couples comprises 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 face towels. So, this combination basically gives you bits of every best on their platform.
  • Bath towel set of 3: This set comprises one of each, a bath towel, a face towel, and a hand towel. If you have lesser members in the family, you could buy this combination.


If you are still unsure about dipping your toes in the world of organic bedding, try one of their hand towels. Once you begin using their luxurious, plush towels, there is no going back. 


Signing Off

It may seem silly how we are accorded only a day to prove our love and devotion to our partners. But, a day is only about how you make it. Valentine’s Day is about all kinds of love- platonic, filial, and obviously, romantic. Get organic bathing towels for your friends, family, along with your partners. Trust us. This Valentine’s Day, get into a committed relationship with organic bathing towels. It will change your lives for the better.

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