How to keep your white bed sheets sparkling white

Isn’t it bizarre that hotels go through mountains of laundry everyday, yet their laundry is more white and shinier than ours? Do they have a magical secret that is unknown to us? Most well-to-do hotels do invest in Sonic Soak technology that breaks down even the most tiny dirt stains for the cleanest white bedsheets and bathing towels imaginable. But, if they do not have the budget, they mostly rely on a three pronged approach- laundry detergent, fabric softener, and bleach to clear them out. You could follow a similar approach at home. Or, we have a multitude of ways for you to get the whitest sheets possible at home using the simplest techniques. 

It is recommended to wash your laundry every two to three weeks. If you suffer from any skin rash, or live in a tropical climate, you must try to wash your sheets at least once every two weeks. It would definitely make your ordinary bed sheets rough very soon. Hence, we would recommend a switch towards organically-produced, the softest bed sets from double bed sheets. They usually last up to more than thirty washes, guaranteeing better longevity than ordinary bedsheets. Lucky for us, they do not come with a back breaking budget and have a wide range of patterns and colors for us to choose from. 

Instead of only focusing on removing stains from double bed sheets, you could also try to avoid them. You might want to avoid wearing makeup to bed and eating on your bed sheets to avoid stains. We know the temptation of a fulfilling breakfast in bed. Hence, it is important to treat stains right away as they happen. The longer the stain sits, the harder it would be to get them off. Also, you must not rub over the stain. It would make it harder to erase. 

Although most hotels use bleach to make their sheets extra-white, you might want to lay it off. Even if you have switched to white bed sheets, using bleach would strip them off far more quickly. Also, using bleach may give you white results momentarily, using bleach time and time again would turn them yellow over time. You could achieve similar white results with household items too. Three magical ingredients- lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda can do wonders for your yellowed cotton bedsheets or bathing towels.

You could simply add lemon juice to your yellowed bedding keeping your machine in the rinse mode. The citric acid would break down the hard stains and yellowed fabric, and add a shine and lustre to your bathing towels. To make your organic cotton bed sheets extra fluffy, add a cap of vinegar to your machine’s post-wash rinse cycle. Pro tip: You could take a large basin of water, pour in baking soda and vinegar, both whitening agents, and soak all your clothes for an hour or so. They would come out more white and shinier than before. You could use a blue liquid to make them even more white. 

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