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How to create Art Deco style in your bedroom

May 20, 2020

How to create Art Deco style in your bedroom


Think of the roaring 20s. Short for Arts Decoratifs, visual appeal and metallic finishes, Art Deco is reminiscent of inherent drama, making it an iconic interior design style. 

Art Deco is your go-to style if you want to infuse geometric finishes and bold colour to your bedroom. Channel your inner Gatsby and add the art deco style to your bedroom like the ones below:

1. Wall speak:

Art Deco boasts classic art in every nook and corner. Consider giving a vintage feel to your walls with two or three-toned art.

Art Deco Bedroom Style

2. Metallic Chandelier:

A metallic chandelier adds glamour to a sober room. Being the highlight of your bedroom, you can complement it with your walls.

art deco style bedroom amouve

3. Geometric bed sheets:

Get patterned bed sheets made of organic cotton. You won't believe how well these can lift your room. Also consider giving a grunge, abstract pattern to your ceiling. art deco style bedroom amouve bed sheets

 4. Bright colours:

Your room could have just one element that speaks louder than the others, like the walls here. bright room

5. Patterned Rug:

A toned rug in beige, grey or even cream could add wonderful elegance to your bedroom.

Beige bed sheets


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