How to apply colour psychology to your bedroom

Have you ever wondered why you might feel more comfortable after spending time in a neutral, bright space? Have you gotten refreshed after being in a colorful and dynamic room or bedroom? Perhaps it largely depends on the psychology of color (the relationship between our emotions and color), which has a huge impact on our interior design plans or home decor. 

 Color Psychology is a powerful interior design tool or home decor tool that can be used on your home accessories such as your organic cotton bed sheets, pillows, signature blankets, furniture, luxury bedding, etc. that has a greater impact on the mood of a room than any other factor. Because different colors evoke certain emotions, when choosing a color, it is important to consider the type of atmosphere you want to create and the colors that will help you achieve it. 

 If you want to add strange colors or decorate the entire room or bedroom

Discover the psychological effects of interior design colors and home decor with the following help:

RED: Red, which is the darkest color, raises the energy level of the room and stimulates adrenaline. Ambition, action, and willpower are the qualities attributable to all colors. Therefore, it is the best option for red home offices and creative spaces. In the living room or dining room, bedroom, your luxury bedding ,red attracts people and stimulates conversation. Makes a strong first impression on the porch. 


YELLOW: Yellow catches the warmth of sunlight, evoking an active character. Suitable for lively and comfortable kitchens and bathrooms. Stick to the shade of gold and use it to brighten up the dark corners of your home, creating a sense of light and space.

BLUE: One of the strongest shades of the color psychology spectrum, blue is considered to lower blood pressure and slow your breathing and heart rate. Deep bold colors are effective in creating confidence and are associated with traits such as loyalty, trust, peace, and success. Considering calm and stability, this color is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms , your signature blankets , your luxury bedding that wants to create a comfortable environment and is often used for home decor.

GREEN: A combination of refreshing blue and yellow optimism, green is suitable for almost every area of ​​the house. Stimulates the balance of color psychology, thoughts for growth, and recovery. It is immediately reminiscent of the natural world and has enough warmth to promote pressure-relieving comfort and ties.                        

PURPLE: Purple is associated with a variety of positive emotions, from depth and originality to fantasy and nobility. Proposes luxury with a real presence with a dignified charm. Consider using it in the waiting room for maximum effect, or in the hallway to impress guests on the first chance using your home decor.                              

NEUTRALS: Shades like black, gray, white, and brown are very important to the interior designer's palette. The advantage is flexibility. Add colors to your precious things like bed linen , signature blankets to bring things to life and remove them for a subtler aesthetic. Gray is one of the most versatile colors that can be warm or cool and can evoke comfort and security. Black neutrality provides safe quality and creates an elegance that leads to power, drama, and mystery.


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